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Modular Spectroscopy for Advanced Material Science

Raman and Luminescence/Photoluminescence spectroscopy are some of the key non-destructive techniques used to gain an understanding of the structural and optical properties of “Engineered” materials. This broad definition covers in particular 2D-materials (e.g. graphene, TMDs, hexagonal boron nitride), solar cells, OLEDs, carbon nanotubes, nanocrystals, quantum dots, glasses, scintillators.

Kymera 328i

Characterisation of these materials often require optical spectroscopy instruments that can be optimised for the accurate detection of a variety of specific chemical signatures. This means seamlessly accessing different wavelength ranges, bandpass and spectral resolutions while maintaining excellent photon detection capabilities for every configuration… ideally all in with one single optical platform!

Kymera 328i spectrograph is an ideal solution in that regard, boasting a motorised quad- grating turret, dual-input and output ports, patented adapted focus technology and exclusive TruRes™ technology.

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Newton “BEX2-DD” CCD offers a high sensitivity platform for Spectroscopy experiments from UV to Near-Infrared, stemming from its high broadband quantum efficiency, ultra-low noise electronics and -100°C TE-cooling & UltraVac™ technology.

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