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iStar Training Course

Use these free training resources to get up and running using your Andor iStar camera. We also offer bespoke training tailored to your research setup. If you are interested in advanced 1-to-1 training, please contact us below.

Course Information

The iStar Homeschool Training Course is designed to help everyone, from beginners to advanced users, to quickly start taking the types of acquisitions they want with follow-along demonstrations.

Since there are many advanced ways of using iStar cameras which may not all be applicable to each user’s application, it is recommended that users start with the beginner videos and then jump to the videos on the specific modes of acquisition that they want to use for their research (internal triggering mode, external triggering mode, fast dual frame mode).

Follow-along demonstrations and advanced theory videos.

Additionally, to view the iStar FAQ, Click Here, in case you would like to look up information as you watch these videos. Furthermore, you can find other helpful iStar technical articles and Application Notes in the Andor Learning Centre

Training Enquiry & Booking

Beginner Tutorials

Internal Triggering

External Triggering

Fast Dual Frame (PIV) Mode


Application Notes/Webinars

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