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Extensive OEM Solutions for Instrument Manufacturers

We offer a comprehensive range of standard and customizable products for business-to-business OEM and industrial use, enabling customers to integrate into a wide variety of configurations for existing devices and those in development. The experience and expertise of our design, manufacturing and account management teams ensures that you are in safe hands.

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Why Select Andor as your OEM Partner

With a reputation for cutting edge innovation, unparallel quality, and designed-in reliability, we are shipping thousands of detection solutions to OEM every year in various industries and environments. Our products form an integral part of our industrial partners’ instrumentation.

Strong portfolio – Cameras, detectors, spectrographs, accessories, systems and software – we can offer a broad range of solutions to your analytical challenges!

Adaptation capabilities – If our standard products don’t match your needs, we have a processes in place to specify, prioritise, modify and develop a solution for you.

Dedicated OEM personnel – We have OEM-focused Engineering, Product Management, Sales and Support resources to ensure our business-to-business partners development .

Accredited Quality – We are accreditation holders of ISO9000, ISO14001 Environmental and ISO18001 Health and Safety standards. Our production utilizes a large Class 1000 clean room with ISO-14644-1 specification.

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Scientific Cameras for High Fidelity, Quantitative Imaging

Andor’s extensive portfolio of high-performance imaging cameras are suited to a wide range of applications requiring ideal performance for high fidelity, quantitative scientific measurements and imaging. Our technologies offer a superb combination of sensitivity, speed, dynamic range noise characteristics, and linearity, ensuring we have the ideal imaging or measurements solution for your instruments.

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Modular Spectroscopy Detection Solutions

If you are designing or already manufacturing an analytical desktop, laboratory, or microscopy instrument, Andor’s modular spectroscopy platforms are designed to provide you with a solution for your analytical challenges from UV to SWIR, from macro- to nano-scale, with fluxes down to single photon and time-resolution down to nanosecond. 

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The Control and Functionality for your Instruments

Our software portfolio provides an easy-to-use and well supported way to integrate Andor hardware as a part of your instrument and software solution. Separate SDKs are available for Windows, LabVIEW, Matlab, Python or Linux. The optimised additional components for CUDA enabled processing, super-resolution microscopy and 3D/4D microscopy will help you to improve and enhance the processing pipeline and speed up your development.

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Low Temperature Sampling for Spectroscopy and Microscopy

To assist your measurement and analysis instruments requiring low cryogenic temperatures for your samples, Andor offers a broad range of optical cryostats. Separate solutions are available to be used either in microscopic or spectroscopic applications.

  • The Microstat range of optical cryostats are optimised for microscopic applications, where sample low vibration is critical for measurements and where short working distance lenses are employed. Both Liquid Nitrogen (77k-500k) and Liquid Helium (3.2K-500K) temperature ranges are covered, as well as both Sample-in-vacuum and in-exchange gas configurations.
  • The Optistat range of optical cryostats are optimised for spectroscopy applications in the <3k to 500k temperature range with Dry/Cryofree, Liquid Nitrogen and Helium options. These are ideal for use on optical table-based experiments or with a very broad range of 3rd party spectrometers.
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Microscopy Possibilities for OEMs

With the experience on full confocal imaging system design for laboratory environment, Andor offers a selection of possibilities for our OEM customers.

  • Dragonfly, our spinning disk confocal microscopy system allows high-resolution multi-colour multi-dimensional imaging of live or fixed samples from single cells to organ with fast speed acquisition and photomanipulation.
  • Our flexible and field-proven Photostimulation tools Micropoint and Mosaic are ideal for use across a range of applications.
  • Our multiwavelength imaging product offers a versatile solution for simultaneous imaging with two cameras or switching between camera models for different imaging capabilities.
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For more in-depth Information on Andor Products

We are constantly collating learning and support material for our customers, enabling them to get the most out of their Andor products. Our OEM experts are available to work with you on the details, but the following resources are available online for your immediate use.