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Spectroscopy Quick Quote

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    • Modular Spectrographs - Czerny-Turner and Echelle optical design
    • Detectors - CCD, EMCCD, ICCD, InGaAs and sCMOS
    • Optical Cryostats - <3k to 500k Temperature Range

Our Spectroscopy Quick Quote Solutions

Modular Spectrographs 

  • High Modularity
  • TruRes™ - Highest Resolution
  • Adaptive Focus™ Technology
  • Intelligent Motorisation
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Spectroscopy Cameras

  • High Sensitivity & Dynamic Range
  • ns to µs Time-Resolution
  • kHz Spectral Rates
  • Extended Multi-fibre Spectroscopy
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Optical Cryostats

  • <3k - 500k Temperature Range
  • Quick Sample Exchange
  • Market-leading Vibration & Stability
  • Liquid Nitrogen, Helium & Cryofree™
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