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Andor as an OEM Partner

Business-to-business relationships with instrument manufacturers are at the core of Andor’s business. Thousands of diverse product solutions from complete system to high value components are delivered to our global OEM customers every year. Our many years in business-to-business relationships have taught us to know what you need for your industrial solution and to be sure that we have the right people to work closely with you. Our fundamental aim is to set the standards for quality of scientific photonics products and be a high integrity OEM provider of photonic solutions – your go-to partner with an expanding portfolio.

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OEM Partnership

Our mature relationships with our valued OEM partners are based on mutual trust and transparency across key business drivers, opportunities, and challenges. With our extensive experience and our fine-tuned yet flexible business and operations models, we are available to help you to optimize your product and service model, as well help you adapt to change, no matter what part of the development and growth cycle you are on.

Andor’s extensive and highly successful growth history in optical technologies has enabled us to grow to be a financially strong supply partner to you. Our global presence will help you get the timely support you need to run your business effectively.  Furthermore, Andor are proud to be a key element of Oxford Instruments Plc., sharing our core group values - Inclusive, Innovative, Trusted, and Purposeful – with you, our OEM partners.

Business-to-Business Dedicated Staff

Our many years in business-to-business relationships have taught us to know what you need for your industrial solution and to be sure that we have the right people to work closely with you.

Our responsive, familiar, and trained staff are available to ensure best-practice timely communications and functional solutions to your needs. Utilizing a blend of conference calls and on-site visits, between key functions of our organizations, our teams are ready to work together with you from solution development onwards, through the full life-time of your product.

The dedicated OEM Account Management Team, involving OEM account managers and OEM sales coordinators, work with you to meet your commercial business and logistics requirements. Imaging and spectroscopy specialists within Product Management will support you in finding the optimal imaging and spectroscopy solutions, and will sustain a long term, trusted partnership with your own product management and engineering team, approaching evolving challenges together.

OEM Engineering Support, your designated engineering point of contact within Andor, monitor and coordinate all your technical and quality requirements. Support and service teams will quickly address any issues you might have with your Andor solution. Furthermore, our OEM Software Engineering Team will directly support your own software team and ensure seamless and fast software integration during the solution development process.

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OEM Products and Applications

In Andor we offer an extensive portfolio of photonics products with designed-in reliability, quality, ease of integration, and serviceability. With our continually widening portfolio of Full Systems, and High Value Sub System and Modules, we have been meeting demanding technical challenges from diverse application fields.

In addition to the standard off-the-shelf products, many of our OEM customers benefit from tailored versions of our products or even fully custom product designs. Customization can be offered to different degrees, covering mechanical or optical changes, dedicated firmware or software, private labelling of our products, or even a dedicated sub-assembly to be used in your instruments.

With all custom and tailored products, Andor can generate a customer dedicated OEM-variation. These are defined between Andor OEM engineers and you, we assure the product will remain constant and controlled throughout its lifetime. Changes to variations are made only with mutual agreement between Andor’s expert engineers and you.

Our business-to-business customers can also benefit from our service and support offerings. These include, for example, possibilities for regular or pre-emptive maintenance and service programs, spare parts, accessories, and consumables.

Scientific Cameras, Spectrographs & Software for OEMS

Manufacturing and Quality

Since our inception, Andor has been setting the standards for quality of scientific photonics products in the industrial marketplace, furthermore with scalability and volume capacity. Our products are designed for quality and are supported by best practices and standards across all phases of company operations. To verify this, we are proud accreditation holders of BS EN ISO9001, ISO14001 Environmental and ISO18000 Health and Safety. To secure product deliveries into the future, we have an internal risk assessment process, delivering secure methodology and risk mitigation strategies to recover and secure our operations and production capacity.

Andor’s production utilizes a Class 1000 clean room that covers 2,600 sq. ft. with ISO-14644-1 specification. Our high-capacity production floor uses custom automated testing processes with self-diagnostics, to ensure the highest possible product quality. Tailored testing can be defined through engagement with our OEM engineering team during the solution development process.

For product delivery we offer several methods to reduce lead times and lower your inventory costs. Our manufacturing facilities use flow-based lean techniques to ensure we always produce and deliver on time, triggered by customer consumption, and where agreed, hold on-site stock at our OEM customer’s site. Andor can also work with your forecasting to offer off-the-shelf consignment inventory, helping you maximize revenue potential and better manage your production line.

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Growing Together

Andor key priorities are enhancing value proposition to meet our OEM partners needs and help growing and securing both our business-to-business collaboration and our business for the future.

To enable this, significant investments are being made in all aspects of our business; from account and product management though operations organization and processes, from technology pipeline through development engineering and product engineering which maintains and enhances current solutions. We continually enhance the knowledge and skillset of our manufacturing and service technicians. And our Product Engineering and Quality Engineering functions carry out and regular formal quality reviews throughout the life cycle of the product.

We are looking forward working together with our partners to develop solutions and instruments, solve problems and determine areas of mutual benefit. We have several models to offer our investment on your development. These include trial equipment loans, applying volume discounting on initial development hardware to help reduce your project costs, and on-site integration support -- we are willing to deploy appropriate engineering resource to help with software and/or hardware integration to speed-up the development cycle.

Our target is also to be embedded in your thinking and long-term planning even outside the present development. Roadmap Pre-view, opportunities for collaborative & differentiating products are the ways we are happy to discuss with you to tackle future changes and needs.

To make sure your product deliveries are secure into the future, and you can concentrate on the growth, we have an internal risk assessment process, delivering secure methodology and risk mitigation strategies to recover and secure our operations and production capacity following large scale issues.

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