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Complete Microscopy Training Course

Microscopes are very complex pieces of equipment, that have evolved to accommodate many different imaging techniques. Microscopy and its applications have promoted many key breakthroughs in life sciences. Its impact can be seen by the numerous nobel prizes in Physics, Chemistry and Physiology and Medicine, that have been attributed to the development of new microscopy applications and techniques, or from discoveries that were possible due to microscopy breakthroughs.

At the Andor Microscopy School, we aim to give life science researchers an overview of the microscopy world, from the fundamental applications to more recent high-end techniques. We will start with an introduction to microscopy, its history and simultaneously introduce concepts of optics that are important to understand how microscopes work.

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This free course will also introduce concepts in detectors, fluorescence microscopy, sample preparation and confocal microscopy. Once the fundamental keystones of the course are laid, we will introduce advanced microscopy applications such as TIRF, super-resolution and photostimulation techniques. Finally, we will present an introduction to post-processing and image analysis tools.

The Andor Microscopy School will run on Wednesdays. This is a free course designed for researchers who aim to improve their microscopy knowledge. Do you want to enhance your understanding of microscopy? Then you should register for the Andor Microscopy School.

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Lesson 3 - Microscopy Cameras: Fundamentals of Digital Imaging and Sensor Technologies
Lesson 5 - Principles of Fluorescence Light Microscopy
Lesson 7 - An Overview of Immunohistochemistry Sample Preparation
Lesson 9 - Photostimulation
Lesson 11 - Deconvolution
Lesson 4 - Microscopy Cameras: Comparing Camera Technologies and Matching Them to Applications
Lesson 6 - Confocal Microscopy
Lesson 8 - Lifting the Cellular Fog with Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF) Microscopy
Lesson 10 - An Overview of Super Resolution Microscopy
Lesson 12 - Powerful Image Analysis Tools

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