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Physical Science Research Solutions and Instruments

Andor designs and manufactures high-performance photonics solutions for scientific research within the physical sciences, providing an extensive, cutting edge product range that spans low light detectors, spectroscopy systems and optical cryostats. We innovate at the cutting edge of photonics, enabling fundamental and applied research in areas as diverse as astronomy, material science, quantum optics, chemistry, catalysis, plasma science and fluid physics.

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Low Light Imaging Cameras

Andor’s broad portfolio of high-performance imaging cameras are suited to a wide variety of applications across physical sciences and astronomy, from imaging distant galaxies to sub-atomic studies.

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Spectroscopy Solutions

Andor’s modular spectroscopy platforms are designed to tackle analytical challenges from UV to SWIR, from macro- to nano-scale, with fluxes down to single photon and time-resolution down to nanosecond. Our range can be seamlessly configured to provide optimised detection solutions for application fields including material science, chemical reactions or plasma science. Spectroscopic techniques include Raman, Luminescence/Fluorescence/PL, Absorption/Reflectance, LIBS/OES and non-linear spectroscopies. Combine with Optical Cryostats for spectroscopy ranging from <3 K to 500 K.

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Intensified Gated Cameras

Andor’s range of iStar camera series extracts the best from intensified CCD & sCMOS technologies, offering time-resolved detection capability with shuttering down to <2 nanoseconds, adaptable to both imaging and spectroscopy applications. Fiber-coupling to the image intensifiers provides maximum signal collection efficiency.

  • iStar sCMOS 5.5 megapixel camera combines < 2ns gating with high frame rate and high dynamic range, ideal for plasma studies, flow analysis, combustion/PLIF imaging, quantum entanglement ‘ghost imaging’ and stand-off chemical detection.
  • Andor’s iStar CCD series offer dedicated solutions for spectroscopy and imaging challenges, ideal for transient spectroscopy (e.g. Raman or absorption photophysics), LIBS materials characterisation and plasma studies.
  • Ultrafast Gating and Synchronization - true optical gating < 2 ns for accurate transient phenomena study and IntelligateTM MCP gating for increased shuttering efficiency in the UV combine with a comprehensive on-board Digital Delay Generator (DDG™).
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Intensified Gated Cameras

X-Ray and Neutron Cameras 

Andor’s portfolio of CCD, sCMOS and EMCCD cameras provide a wide range of high sensitivity, high dynamic range and fast detection solutions for benchtop laboratory and beamline experiments. These detectors especially benefit applications in the field of EUV, X-ray, neutron or electron detection for material science, plasma studies, bio-samples analysis or beam/source characterisation.

  • Direct or Indirect Detection configurations comprehensively cover a wide energy range. Designs include open fronted, beryllium window, fibre optic coupled and lens coupled.
  • Camera Accessories cover a broad diversity of set-up and configuration demands, including vacuum flange interfaces, scintillators and coupling to third party spectrometers.
  • Comprehensive Software Solutions – avail of Solis acquisition software or Andor SDK for Windows/Linux (compatible with C/C++, C#, VB.NET, Matlab and LabVIEW). Compatibility with leading open source platforms, including EPICS, TANGO and LIMA.
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Marana-X sCMOS

Optical Cryostats for Spectroscopy

Andor’s diverse range of Optical Cryostat perfectly complements our comprehensive portfolio of optical cameras, spectrographs and accessories, allowing us to offer complete end-to-end modular solutions to our customers, particularly across spectroscopy and microscopy application fields.

  • Andor’s Optistat range of optical cryostats are optimised for spectroscopy applications across the <3 K to 500 K temperature range. Ideal for use on optical table-based experiments and compatible with a broad range of spectrometers. Dry/Cryofree, Liquid N2 and Liquid He options are available in both top and bottom loading configurations as well as sample-in-exchange gas or sample-in-vacuum designs.
  • Andor’s Microstat range of He and N2 optical cryostats are optimised for microscopic applications where sample low vibration is critical for measurements and where short working distance lenses are employed.
  • Modular Versatility – A comprehensive list of accessories and window options enable Andor’s Optical Cyrostats to be tailored for a wide range of experimental configurations and application needs. Upgradeable controller with expansion slots for extra sensors, heaters, PID loops, stepper motor controllers etc.
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Extensive OEM Solutions for Scientific Manufacturers

We offer a comprehensive range of customisable products for OEM and industrial use, enabling our customers to integrate into a wide variety of instruments, either existing devices and those in development. The experience and expertise of our design, manufacturing and OEM account management teams ensures the strongest possible supply partner.

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Learning Centre Resources

The Learning Centre hosts a wide range of case studies, technical articles and webinars on various applications and spectroscopy techniques. Here are some key articles for further reading: