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Hardware Support

AOIStride for Neo
Offset calibration
Manual X-Calibration
Windows7 Installation Troubleshooting
The importance of flatfielding/ backround correcting
Setup for ICCD 'non -03' tubes
USB mapping for multiple camera operation
Insufficent memory error msg
Linux does not recognise camera
Order of Indicies for shift speeds and channels
Neo Upgrade - Changes and Idiosyncrasies
CCI-24 setup, idiosyncrasies
Inaccurate Grating Turret Drive
Active Camera Link Cable Options For sCMOS Platforms
SDK3 Labview Installation
Linux SDK3 For Scmos (v3.5.300014.0 onwards)
Linux Installation Troubleshooting for USB cameras
Use of DH2000 Lamps in Relation to SOLSI Version
Grating Adjustment
Benchmarking Bitflow cards
Operation Considerations of SO / DO Cameras
DCDS on the iXon Ultra
Conversion of Counts to Photoelectrons / Incoming Photons
ThirdParty spectograph software setup
Reoptimise Dispersion Coefficients
Window Cleaning iXon Ultra
Labview setup for SDK2
HED - Conversion of Counts to Photoelectrons / Incoming Photons
MicroManager Setup
Changing the Grating Turret of a Shamrock SR-500 or SR-750 Spectrograph
Setting up Multi track mode
Bitflow card troubleshooting
Resolving Solis Error Message, “Error Communicating with Grating device 1”
Apogee SDK with Labview – Getting started
Troubleshooting SDK3 Installation on Linux
Pixel Well vs ADC Well (and dynamic range)
Troubleshooting USB3 Zyla
Apogee driver installation and test
Simple setup of Ethernet control of Apogee Aspen camera
SDK3 setup for Matlab
ASCOM driver setup
ASCOM driver setup
Using Multiple USB Cameras - USB Mapping
Camera Window Cleaning
SOLIS Date Flow Monitor for sCMOS Cameras
Importance of InGaAs Bg and Ff Correction
iQ - Dual Camera
Mechelle - Spectral Calibration
Mechelle - Relative Efficiency Correction (REC)
Mechelle - Physical Alignment
Installation of Wide Aperture Motorised Slit
SR163 - Wavelength Control Using the Micrometer
Shamrock - Wavelength Drive Offsets
Perform Relative Efficiency Correction on Shamrock Spectrograph
Optimise Shamrock X-axis Calibration Coefficients
SDK for Labview - Single Acquisition worked example - Part 1
SDK for Labview - Single Acquisition Worked example - Part 2
SDK for Labview - Single Acquisition Worked example - Part 3

Spec Sheets

Balor sCMOS Specification Sheet (Astronomy)
Balor-X Spec Sheet
Spec Sheet
Dragonfly 200 Specifications
Dragonfly 500 Specifications
GPU Express Specifications
iDus 1.7µm InGaAs Specifications
iDus 2.2µm InGaAs Specifications
iDus 401 Specifications
iDus 416 Specifications
iDus 420 Specifications
iKon-L 936 Specifications
iKon-L HF Specifications
iKon-L SO Specifications
iKon-L SY Specifications
iKon-M 912 Specifications
iKon-M 934 Specifications
iKon-M SO Specifications
iKon-M SY Specifications
iKon-XL 230 Specifications
iKon-XL 231 Specifications
iKon-XL SO Specifications
Integrated Laser Engines Specifications
iStar CCD Series Specifications
iStar CCD Series Specifications
iStar CCD Series Specifications
iStar sCMOS Specifications
iXon Life Specifications
iXon Life Specifications
iXon Ultra Specifcations
iXon Ultra Specifcations
Komet Database Viewer Manual
Komet User Guide
Open Komet Database Files
Kymera 193i Specifications
Kymera 328i Specifications
Marana Specifications
Marana-X sCMOS Specifications
Mechelle 5000 Specifications
MicroPoint Specifications
Mosaic Specifications
Neo sCMOS Specifications
Newton 920 Specifications
Newton 940 Specifications
Newton 970 Specifications
Newton 971 Specifications
Newton SO Specifications
Newton SY Specifications
Optistat family of wet cryostats
Optosplit II Specifications
Optosplit III Specifications
PV Inspector Specifications
Shamrock 163 Specifications
Shamrock 500i Specifications
Shamrock 750 Specifications
TuCam Specifications
Zyla 4.2 Specifications - Life Science
Zyla 4.2 Specifications - Physical Science
Zyla 5.5 Specifications - Life Science
Zyla 5.5 Specifications - Physical Science
Zyla sCMOS HF Specifications
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