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Modular Spectroscopy Solutions for Advanced Materials Science

Andor’s Spectroscopy portfolio offers high sensitivity and highly configurable solutions to characterise the chemical, structural, electronic and/or optical properties of a wide range of materials down to the nanoscale with high accuracy and repeatability.

It provides essential tools for the study of structures at the nano-, micro- and macro-scale based on probing techniques including Raman, Photoluminescence / Fluorescence / Cathodoluminescence, Absorption, Optical Emission Spectroscopy and LIBS, Second Harmonic Generation or Darkfield Scattering.

Spectroscopy Solutions Adapted to Your Needs

Andor spectroscopy detectors provide the highest sensitivity from UV to SWIR regions, ensuring that information related to chemical signatures, structural changes or photonics properties can be obtained with the highest accuracy and highest reproducibility possible. Our highly configurable spectrographs provide platforms ideal for multimodal setups and a wide range of photon regimes and experiments e.g. micro-spectroscopy.

High Sensitivity & Dynamic Range

  • High sensitivity UV-SWIR
  • Large pixel well depths
  • High resolution matix
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ns to µs

  • Nanosecond gating
  • High sensitivity down to single photon
  • On-head DDG with ps accuracy
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µs to ms

  • Multi-kHz spectral rates
  • High sensitivity down to single photon
  • High resolution matrix
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Spectrograph Systems & Accessories

  • High modularity, high resolution and high throughput Kymera & Shamrock
  • Large simultaneous bandpass, high resolution Mechelle
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Applications and Techniques 


Non-invasive probing techniques like Raman, Photoluminescence, or Absorption can provide very specific information on the structural (including presence of defects or behaviour under strain/stress), electronics behaviour or light emission properties of a wide range of advanced semiconductor structures.

These range from low dimensional nanocrystals, Transition metal dichalcogenide (TMDs) or organic semiconductors (e.g. OLEDs) to more complex microelectronics and light harvesting structures.

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Further Reading


Application of optical spectroscopy in quantum science include the characterisation of electronics and optical properties of single-photon sources such as Quantum Dots (QDs) and nitrogen vacancy (NV) in diamond, as well as the study of how these sources can interface with systems relevant to quantum communication.

Andor imaging EMCCDs and gated ICCDs detectors are also at the forefront of quantum science research, in particular photon-entanglement experiments.

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The understanding and control of the interaction between metal or semiconductor (surface) plasmons and photons can be exploited for a number of applications including high sensitivity label-free chemical sensing, using for example Surface-Enhanced (SERS) or Tip-Enhanced (TERS) Raman Spectroscopy.

Plasmonic metamaterials offer alternative solutions to chemical detection, but also are of interest for light manipulation or harvesting (in the context of renewable energy and solar cells for example) and biomedical applications.

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Expand your Research Capabilities

Material science setups can be complemented by Andor’s high sensitivity and resolution Imaging EMCCD or sCMOS cameras than can provide additional spatial behaviour information on a wide range of microscopy setups. Andor optical cryostats offer highly controlled environment for the low-temperature study of a wide range of materials including low-dimensional and semiconductor structures. Asylum Research Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) systems provide complementary type of topological, nano-electrical, nano-mechanical or magnetic information.


High Sensitivity Imaging Cameras by Andor

  • High sensitivity UV-VIS down to single photon
  • Fast frame rates
  • High resolution pixels
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AFM Solutions by Asylum Research

  • Higher resolution than any other large-sample AFM
  • From setup to results, every step is simpler and faster
  • Modular design adapts to your needs
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Optical Cryostat Solutions by Andor

  • Temperature range to ‘<3K – 500K’
  • Micro and Macro-spectroscopy interfaces
  • LN2, He or Cryo-free options
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Learning Centre Resources

Customer Publications

Author Title Year
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Zhou et al Role of Trapped Carriers Dynamics in Operating Lead Halide Wide-Bandgap Perovskite Solar Cells 2024
Ghezellou et al Influence of Different Hydrocarbons on Chemical Vapor Deposition Growth and Surface Morphological Defects in 4H-SiC Epitaxial Layers 2024
Sankar et al Optical Properties of Low-Defect Large-Area Hexagonal Boron Nitride for Quantum Applications 2024
Wang et al PbS Quantum Dots Ink with Months-Long Shelf-Lifetime Enabling Scalable and Efficient Short-Wavelength Infrared Photodetectors 2024
Ghafariasl et al Sulfur Vacancy Related Optical Transitions in Graded Alloys of MoxW1xS2 Monolayers 2024
Shi et al Enhanced electrical conductivity and reduced work function of β-Ga2O3 thin films by hydrogen plasma treatment 2024
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Kuang et al Enhanced Electrochemiluminescence of Rod-Shape 25-Atom AuAg Nanoclusters through Ligand Engineering 2024
Nicolas et al Non-Linear Optical Activity of Chiral Bipyrimidine-Based Thin Films 2024
Pai et al Angular-Momentum Transfer Mediated by a Vibronic-Bound-State 2024
Chen et al Precision measurement of M1 optical clock transition in Ni12+ 2024