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Confocal Microscopy Imaging Systems

The most flexible confocal imaging systems available; from routine imaging to the most advanced techniques. Our game-changing Dragonfly systems are rich in innovative technology to provide fast and high-resolution imaging in multiple imaging modalities. Our new BC43 benchtop confocal microscope brings high-end confocal imaging within a compact benchtop format.

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BC43 Benchtop Confocal Microscope

Andor's new BC43 Benchtop Confocal is a push-button imaging solution designed with cost, performance and accessibility in mind. Make stunning 2D and 3D images part of your routine benchtop workflow.

  • Fast and easy to learn: take great images sooner with less need for support.
  • Compact, yet rich in features: offers multidimensional imaging in confocal, widefield and transmitted light modes​.
  • Light-tight: no need for a dark room.
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Dragonfly Confocal Microscope System

Dragonfly high-speed confocal microscopy systems provides a combination of speed, sensitivity, confocality and resolution. Our multi-modal imaging solutions improves your understanding of dynamic events in living samples, and boosts your productivity when imaging large specimens and tissue samples.

  • Dragonfly 200: Compact size for inverted and upright microscopes flexible to meet a broad range of biological models and associated experimental needs. It's an exceptional platform for deep fast sensitive and gentle imaging.
  • Dragonfly 600: The ultimate confocal imaging solution, adds to the dragonfly 200 solution the proprietary B-TIRF imaging modality, and 3D Single Molecule Localization Microscopy. It Excels in any application from imaging large thick model organisms to protein complexes.
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Dragonfly 600

Need Help Selecting your Next Confocal System?

Try our confocal system selector tool to select and compare products by application or technology. If you want to discuss the specific needs of your imaging experiments, you can contact one of our Andor Specialists.


Push-button confocal microscope. A routine workhorse – high-performance and easy to learn.
Compact for use on a regular laboratory bench.

Andor BC43
Laser Lines - Up to 4
Imaging Modalities - 4
No. Cameras - 1
System Type - Benchtop
Cost - £

Dragonfly 200

A flexible, multi-modal platform that offers confocal, laser based widefield, transmitted light and SRRF-Stream+ functionality in one system.

Dragonfly 200
Laser Lines - Greater than 10
Imaging Modalities - 5
No. Cameras - Up to 2
System Type - Configurable
Cost - ££

Dragonfly 600

A complete system that builds on the capabilities of the 200 model to also include SMLM, 3D super-resolution module, B-TIRF and Zoom Illumination.

Dragonfly 600
Laser Lines - Greater than 10
Imaging Modalities - 7
No. Cameras - Up to 2
System Type - Configurable
Cost - £££