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Photostimulation and Optogenetics Solutions

Photostimulation and Optogenetics enables precise optical manipulation of complex biological networks. These techniques provide unique insights in fields as diverse as neural mapping, visual regeneration and vascular hypertension. Optogenetics exploits transgenic or transient expression of photosensitive proteins within model organisms, enabling optical perturbation and observation at the organ, tissue and cellular level. 

Mosaic and MicroPoint  products deliver precisely targeted illumination to support these applications and have been proven in the most demanding, optogenetics and photostimulation experiments.

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Mosaic | Real-time, Multi-Region Illumination

Mosaic is a digital micro mirror based solution for real-time multi-region illumination. As a patented digital illumination projector exploiting lasers and LEDs, Mosaic delivers unmatched flexibility and speed for a wide range of optogenetics and photostimulation experiments. Configure simple or complex light patterns with perfectly synchronised multi-region excitation and no scanning delays or artefacts.

  • Optophysiology/optogenetics
  • FRAP and PA - cell dynamics​
  • Uncaging and signaling studies
  • Selective region imaging
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MicroPoint | Precise Delivery of Laser-based Illumination

MicroPoint is a tuneable pulsed laser system capable of ablation, bleaching and uncaging over a wavelength range of 365 to 656 nm. Broad wavelength range and precise delivery of controlled illumination energy make the MicroPoint ideal for many photo stimulation experiments.

  • Ablation - Damage and repair studies
  • FRAP and PA - cell dynamics
  • Uncaging - signaling  and gene expression
  • DNA damage - cancer research
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