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Kymera Spectrometers

Workhorse Spectroscopy Platform; Performance AND Flexibility

Kymera has been designed with accuracy, repeatability and ease-of use in mind. This highly versatile instrument allows researchers performing routine and/or advanced experiments to maximise their measurements throughput to progress their research faster, without compromising results.

Accurate. Configurable. Intuitive. Kymera: Focus on results, not alignment.

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Kymera 328i

Andor Kymera 328i

328 mm focal length | F/4.1 aperture

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Kymera 193i

Andor Kymera 193i

193 mm focal length | F/3.6 aperture

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Kymera Spectroscopy Applications

  • Raman Spectroscopy
  • Luminescence Spectroscopy
  • Absorption/Transmission/Reflection Spectroscopy
  • OES and LIBS
  • Microspectroscopy
  • Non-Linear Spectroscopy
  • Material Science
  • Chemical Processes
  • Biomedical
  • Plasma Studies

Accurate, Flexible Spectroscopy in any Lab

Kymera offers high resolution, high throughput and high modularity from the UV to the NIR and SWIR, and from macro-scale to nano-scale, with fluxes down to a single photon and time-resolution down to a nanosecond. This modular, multi-modal Optical Spectrometer is rich in meaningful features accessible at the click of a button, yet it is remarkably compact and easy-to-use.

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Choosing the Right Platform vs Dispersion Requirements

Grating (l/mm)
150 300 600 1200 1800 (Holo) 2400 (Holo)

Kymera 193i

Bandpass (nm)•3,•5 902 445 215 98 56 46•6
Resolution (nm)•4,•5 1.96 0.96 0.47 0.21 0.12 0.10•6

Kymera 328i

Bandpass (nm)•3,•5 542 268 131 61 41 29•6
Resolution (nm)•4,•5 0.88⟶0.62 0.44⟶0.31 0.21⟶0.15 0.10⟶0.07 0.06⟶0.04 0.05⟶0.04•6
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