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Signal to Noise Ratio & Noise Exposure Calculator

Signal to Noise is an important parameter that can be used to compare how a camera may perform compared to another model or under different conditions. This calculator tool lets you select and compare selected camera models and adjust options such as exposure time. The data may be exported as a csv file for further analysis. It must be remembered that while such calculators are useful it is of course, recommended, where possible, to demo cameras under the real-world experimental conditions.


  1. Select a pre-defined camera from the Camera Type Drop down list. Note that you may adjust values for a custom camera, or per the unique values for your camera that may be found on the supplied Performance Sheet.
  2. Add an extra camera using the Add Camera button
  3. Adjust the exposure time as required – the default is 1 second.
  4. Compare the Signal to Noise ratio in the displayed graph. Note that you may compare on a per pixel basis as Plot as Photons / Pixel,  or per unit area as Plot as Photons / 13 µm2