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BC43 SR – Benchtop Super Resolution Microscope

Small in Size, Super in Resolution

Super resolution imaging is now truly accessible, thanks to our fast, compact and easy-to-use benchtop microscope.

BC43 SR will reveal hidden detail in your sample with routine fluorescent labels, simpler than other more expensive solutions.

Break through the diffraction barrier to capture vibrant images quicker and easier than ever before, boosting your productivity!

BC43 SR: The Benchtop Super Resolution Microscope.

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Fast and Easy Super Resolution Microscopy You Can Trust

Andor’s BC43 SR is super-compact, yet rich in features and benefits, making it the ideal microscope for early-stage researchers and experienced microscopists alike. With no requirement for a darkroom, researchers can access features such as laser confocal microscopy and super resolution on the same bench as their samples. This, coupled with the fast learning curve, allows individual users and entire labs to become much more productive, without compromising results.

Optical performance is backed up by Andor’s new IQ / OQ quality control programme, which ensures that all BC43 microscopes operate within tightly controlled parameters, providing confidence that your data and experiments are reproducible in the future.

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Super Resolution, Confocal, Widefield & Transmitted Light Microscopy

The BC43 benchtop easy super resolution microscope utilises imaging technology from our award-winning Dragonfly microscope system and provides fast and remarkably flexible imaging. From routine imaging to advanced super resolution, BC43 provides researchers with the ultimate productivity hack, delivering stunning images in seconds, hassle-free.

Super Resolution Microscopy

Easy super resolution has finally become accessible. We have developed and optimised our popular SRRF-Stream+ technology for exceptional ease of use. Compatible with standard labelling protocols.

Push past the diffraction limit of ~200nm and reach ~140nm with ease: observe cell structure, protein interactions, membrane fusion, signal transduction events and more.

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Confocal Microscopy

Capture superb confocal images at least 10 times faster than point scanner-based systems with the Andor Benchtop Confocal!

BC43 is a prime solution for 3D imaging of thick samples. A high sensitivity, high-speed imaging camera makes it perfect for live-cell confocal imaging.

A motorised XY stage allows multiple point acquisition, large organism montages and multipoint scanning resulting in outstanding productivity from a single imaging experiment.

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Widefield Fluorescence Microscopy

Widefield imaging:

  • Offers the gentlest illumination mode for samples that are super-sensitive to light
  • Detects lower sample signals than in confocal mode
  • Offers the fastest imaging speeds to capture dynamic processes in live cells

Use ClearView™ GPU to remove sample blur and enhance resolution, ensuring the best quality images.

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Transmitted Light Microscopy

BC43 also delivers two different transmitted light options for amazing imaging flexibility:

  • Use Brightfield Mode to visualise the development of larger organisms whose structures naturally deliver high contrast images
  • For thinner samples and/or those with higher transparency, use Differential Phase Contrast (DPC) mode to draw out their structure

You can also mix and match modes like DPC and Widefield for even more imaging flexibility!

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Comprehensive Image Analysis Software with AI Tools

All Andor BC43 Benchtop Microscopes come with the introductory Imaris Quantify package for users to:

Additional Imaris modules are also available including tools for tracking and reporting motility metrics, quantifying cells and their intracellular organelles, and tracing neurons for reporting their specific characteristics.

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Powerful and Intuitive Acquisition Software

At the heart of BC43 is a software that is not only feature-rich and flexible to your needs, it is easy-to-use as well:

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Marco Campinho

I found Andor’s BC43 Benchtop Microscope super easy to set up all the experiments, super-fast to acquire the data and deliver high-end quality data. I love its flexibility.

Marco Campinho, Group Leader - University of Algarve.