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iStar sCMOS Demo Video: How To Use Solis For Imaging Applications


The ns time scale measurement capability of the iStar intensified cameras allows for increasingly complex and novel measurements synchronized with a lab full of other instruments. This video is made to introduce users to many aspects of the Solis software for control of iStar sCMOS cameras focusing on use for imaging applications. A variety of types of acquisition modes and built-in analysis features are demonstrated.

Learning Objectives

  • Provide guided demonstrations that users can follow-along in their lab
  • Introduce the user to the Solis interface and features
  • Show examples of how built-in analysis can be performed in Solis


  1. (00m00s) Title and intro
  2. (00m10s) Overview of Demonstration Videos 1-10
  3. (00m30s) Overview of Demonstration Videos 11-17
  4. (00m45s) Basics Review: Camera and Intensifier Cross Section
  5. (02m27s) Introduction to Solis Interface
  6. (03m05s) Solis Help and Hot Keys
  7. (03m56s) Sensor Acquisition Setup
  8. (06m39s) Binning, ROI, and Image Orientation Tabs
  9. (08m09s) Gating Control Tab Part 1
  10. (10m39s) Gating Control Tab Part 2
  11. (11m57s) Background Correction Setup
  12. (13m26s) Real-Time Example Acquisitions
  13. (15m55s) Example of Background Correction
  14. (18m01s) Ways to Improve SNR: Accumulate Mode Example
  15. (20m13s) Ways to Improve SNR: Integrate On Chip (IOC)
  16. (22m11s) Data Window Display Options
  17. (29m14s) Solis Configuration Files, Metadata, and Save Export Options
  18. (32m06s) Spool to Disk and Data Flow Monitor
  19. (33m40s) Andor Basic: Introduction and Help Pages
  20. (36m45s) Third Party Software Development Kit
  21. (37m32s) Thank you for watching!

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