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iDus 1.7µm InGaAs

Andor iDus InGaAs 491 array series provide the most compact and optimized research-grade platform for Spectroscopy applications up to either 1.7 or 2.2 μm. The Thermo-Electrically cooled, in-vacuum sensors reach cooling temperatures of -90ºC where the best signal-to-noise ratio can be achieved for the majority of the applications in this spectral region.

  • 0.6 to 1.7 μm
  • Peak QE of > 85%
  • TE cooling to -90°C
  • UltraVac™
  • Single window design

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Andor's iDus InGaAs 1.7 array detector series provides the most optimized platform for Spectroscopy applications up to 1.7 µm. The TE-cooled, in-vacuum InGaAs camera sensors reach cooling temperatures of -90°C where best Signal-to-Noise ratio can be achieved. Indeed dark current will improve moderately below -90°C where scene black body radiation will dominate, while Quantum Efficiency of the sensor will be greatly impacted at these lower temperatures and lead to a lower Signal-to-Noise ratio.

0.6 to 1.7 µm - Operating wavelength range

Peak QE of > 85% - High detector sensitivity

TE cooling to -90°C - Negligible dark current without the inconvenience of LN2

UltraVac™ - Permanent vacuum integrity, critical for deep cooling and sensor performance

Single window design - Delivers maximum photon throughput

25 µm pixel width option - Ideal for high-resolution NIR spectroscopy

Simple USB 2.0 connection - USB plug and play – no controller box. Inputs & Outputs: External Trigger, Fire and Shutter TTL readily accessible. I2C for the more adventurous user

Software selectable output amplifiers - Allows user to optimize operation with choice of High Dynamic Range (HDR) or High Sensitivity (HS) modes of operation

Minimum exposure time of 1.4 µs - Enables higher time-resolution and minimization of dark current contribution for applications with reasonable signal level


XW-RECR - Coolant re-circulator for enhanced cooling performance 

ACC-XW-CHIL-160 - Oasis 160 Ultra Compact Chiller Unit (tubing to be ordered separately) 

ACC-6MM-TUBING-2xxxxM - 6 mm tubing option for ACC-XW-CHIL-160 

SR-ASZ-0033 - SR-750 Adapter Flange for InGaAs detector. 

SR1-ASZ-8044 - SR-163 Adapter Flange for InGaAs detector 

ACC-SD-VDM1000 - Shutter Driver for NS25B Bistable Shutter (not needed for Shamrock spectrographs) 

ACC-SHT-NS25B - Bistable Shutter, Standalone (not needed for Shamrock spectrographs) 

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