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Modular Microspectroscopy

Related to: Bio Imaging & Life Science

Andor’s dedicated, highly configurable micro-spectroscopy interfaces allow seamless integration to microscopy systems. μManager’s user-friendly control of the Shamrock spectrographs and accessories provide a quick and easy setup of complex micro-spectroscopy acquisition sequences including chemical mapping. Wide-aperture slit options are also available for extended sample image relay and spectral analysis through the same optical path.

Features Benefits
High sensitivity detectors Ultrasensitive CCDs, ICCDs and EMCCDs cameras for maximum photon detection and speed. Ideal for fast and photon starved chemical mapping or microfluidics setups.
Highly configurable spectrograph platforms Extensive range of multi-input & output, motorized Czerny-Turner spectrographs with seamlessly interchangeable and configurable accessories.
Seamlessly configurable spectrograph-microscope interfaces Fiber optics; direct C-mount; ‘cage’ system; enclosed optical relay. Dedicated feet sets allow easy optical height matching between spectrographs and inverted Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss & Leica microscopes.
Wide-aperture slit Shamrock input accessory for extended sample image relay AND spectral analysis through the same optical path.
μManager software integration Simultaneous control of Andor cameras & spectrographs and a wide range of microscopes and accessories through a single software platform. Dedicated, user-friendly spectrum handling interface.
Software Development Kit (SDK) Ease of control integration into custom, complex setups: Matlab, Labview, Visual Basic and C/C++ supported.


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