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Harnessing Attosecond Technologies for Nano and Quantum Materials

High harmonic quantum light sources provide an exquisite ability to harness and control short-wavelength light, enabling unprecedented control over the spectral, temporal, polarization, and orbital angular momentum waveforms. These represent the most complex coherent electromagnetic fields ever created, controlled on sub-Å spatial scales and sub-attosecond temporal scales, from the UV to the keV photon energy region.

These advances are providing powerful new tools for near-perfect X-ray imaging, for coherently manipulating quantum materials using light, and for designing more efficient nanoscale devices. In this webinar, join Dr. Margaret Murnane, Professor at the University of Colorado Boulder, as she explores the many capabilities and potential applications of tabletop high harmonic light sources.

By attending you will learn about:

  • The capabilities of tabletop high harmonic light sources, including flux, spectrum, pulse duration, and polarization
  • The applications of high harmonic light sources used for imaging, spectroscopy, and advanced industrial R&D purposes

This webinar is suitable for those researching:

  • Functional nano and quantum materials
  • Applications of high harmonic generation for imaging and spectroscopy
  • Attosecond/femtosecond physics
  • Coherent X-ray imaging
  • X-ray/EUV tomography
  • Ptychography

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