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Quantum Optics

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Quantum entanglement occurs when two particles remain connected, even over large distances, such that actions performed on the quantum state of one have an instant effect on the other; the quantum state must be described for the system as a whole. With deep vacuum cooling down to -100°C and minimized spurious noise sources, the iXon Ultra back-illuminated EMCCD platform provides the single photon and photon pair discrimination characteristics required for successful, high throughout detection in these most demanding of photon starved experiments. The iStar sCMOS camera is an ideal solution for combining single photon sensitivity with nanosecond shuttering, enabling tight synchronisation to photon sources.

Andor have also been providing detector solutions to the Bose Einstein Condensates (BEC) and Cold Atom / Cold Ion community for more than two decades. The iXon Ultra EMCCD is the ultimate detector for monitoring the dynamic fluorescent states of trapped atoms, capable of registering discrete atom signals. The iKon-M 934 low-noise back-illuminated CCD, with enhanced NIR response, has been widely used for measuring absorption signal of Rubidium BECs using 785nm lasers, and is also capable of burst microsecond dynamics. The more recently introduced Marana and Zyla sCMOS cameras open the possibility for sustained fast speed dynamics on MOT traps.


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