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Using EMCCD Cameras for Quantum Imaging in Photon Counting Regime: A Proven Tool for Measurement of Quantum Features of Light

In the field of quantum optics, imaging started with single-point detectors scanning image planes to reconstruct quantum spatial features of light. At the early 2000's the emergence of commercially available Electron Multiplying Charge-Coupled Devices (EMCCD) detectors arrays, that are sensitive to single photons, have tremendously enlarged the perspective of quantum imaging. From the first use of EMCCD for quantum imaging up to now, this device has become a proven and essential tool for future quantum imaging application to massive parallel processing of quantum information. Based on his experience and activities, regarding the use of EMCCD cameras in quantum imaging, the author will present the method and advantages of using EMCCD cameras in single-photon counting mode.

The objectives of this webinar are:

1) to familiarise its participants with photon counting performed with EMCCD imagers for quantum imaging,
2) become acquainted with technological determinants of such measurements, e.g. a role various noises play and their impact on data fidelity and robustness,
3) advantages of and outlook for EMCCDs as imaging cameras for 2D quantum imaging.

Author: Prof Fabrice Devaux & Dr Marcin Barszczewski

Category: Webinar

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