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sCMOS for Indirect Hard X-Ray Detection

Zyla-HF 5.5 sCMOS: benefits from a  15% discount for orders placed before the 30th September 2020.

Tomography and in situ transient imaging applications require detectors that can rapidly acquire large datasets with high dynamic range, high spatial resolution and high contrast faster in order to make the best of precious beamtime/source usage.

sCMOS technology addresses these challenges through its ability to offer simultaneously multi-megapixel resolution sensors, fast acquisition rates, low noise floor and high dynamic range.

Andor’s Zyla-HF fibre-coupled sCMOS platform boasts a large 5.5 MP sensor with 6.5 microns pixels, a rapid 100 fps full frame up to kHz with sub-areas, low readout noise < 2.4 e- and a modular fibre-optic coupling for maximum light collection from scintillators.

The Zyla-HF can be upgraded with a range of high resolution and/or high throughput scintillators to optimise detection for various energy ranges, as well as Beryllium windows to filter unwanted low energy radiations.