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What Is Indirect X-ray and Neutron Detection

High energy ‘hard’ X-rays and neutrons can be detrimental to most forms of scientific camera leaving limited choices regarding direct detection. However, indirect detection of X-rays and neutrons can be achieved through an intermediate scintillator to enable us to utilize high energy X-rays and Neutrons whilst still preserving the functionality of scientific cameras.

In this educational webinar, Product Specialist Thomas Woodward is going to introduce the fundamentals of indirect X-ray and Neutron detection and discuss the different methods through which this is achieved. 

Learning Objectives:

• Learn what indirect detection is and how it works
• Understand about the different types of Indirect detection & the individual pros and cons
• Learn what a scintillator is and why scintillator choice is important
• Understand some of the applications of indirect detection

Date: July 2020

Author: Dr Thomas Woodward

Category: Webinar

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