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iXon Ultra 888 EMCCD

The highly innovative iXon Ultra 888 is the world’s fastest Megapixel, Back-illuminated EMCCD camera, offering exceptional frame rates and single photon sensitivity across a large field of view. Building on a rich history of first to market innovation, the ‘supercharged’ iXon Ultra 888, represents a massive performance boost for the largest available EMCCD sensor, as well as the first USB3 enabled EMCCD camera.

  • 30 MHz readout delivering 26 fps at 1024 x 1024
  • > 2.6x larger Field of View than ‘897’ model
  • Optically Centered Crop Mode – Live Cell Super Resolution at 697fps
  • Single Photon Sensitive
  • EX2 Technology for wider QE response
  • TE Cooling to -95°C

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The iXon Ultra 888 has been fundamentally re-engineered to facilitate 3x overclocking of the pixel readout speed to an unprecedented 30 MHz, whilst maintaining quantitative stability, accelerating the full frame rate performance to video rate. Furthermore, Andor’s unique ‘Crop Mode’ can be employed to further boost frame rates from a user defined sub-region, for example pushing a 512 x 512 sub-array to 93 fps and a 128 x 128 area to 697 fps.

With a 1024 x 1024 sensor format and 13 µm pixel size, the resolving power, field of view and unparalleled speed of the iXon Ultra 888 render it the most attractive and versatile EMCCD option for demanding applications such as single molecule detection, super-resolution microscopy, live cell imaging and high time resolution astronomy.

Single Photon Sensitive & > 95% QE - Optimal SNR in light starved applications such as single molecule detection and quantum physics.

NEW ‘SRRF-Stream’ (optional) - Real time, cell super-resolution functionality. Living and fixed cells, works on most modern fluorescence microscopes. Super-resolution down to 50nm.

Overclocked readout speeds - Follow dynamic changing processes.

Crop Mode - Continuous imaging with fastest possible frame rate from centrally positioned ROIs. Highly enabling for live cell superresolution and much more (e.g. 251 fps with 256 x 256 ROI).

TE cooling to -100°C - Elimination of dark current detection limit.

Superior Baseline Clamp and EM Stability - Essential for quantitative accuracy of dynamic measurements

RealGain™ - Absolute EMCCD gain selectable directly from a linear and quantitative scale.

Lower Noise CCD Mode - '2 in 1’ flexibility. EMCCD for ultra-sensitivity at speed, conventional CCD for longer acquisitions.

EX2 Technology - Extended QE response, beyond standard back-illuminated.

Fringe Suppression - Reduced etaloning in NIR.


SRRF-STREAM-CAM - SRRF-Stream real time super-resolution functionality, compatible with iXon Ultra and iXon Life EMCCD platforms. Camera must be connected to acquisition PC workstation containing an NVidia GPU card (compute capability v3.0, or above, and 4GB or greater on-board GPU RAM)

OPTMSK-L/OPTMSKOC-L/OPTMSK-OC-S - OptoMask accessory, used to mask unwanted sensor area during Crop Mode acquisition (refer to OptoMask Specification Sheet for further information).

XW-RECR - Re-circulator for enhanced cooling performance

ACC-XW-CHIL-160 - Oasis 160 Ultra compact chiller unit

OA-CF - C-mount to Nikon F-mount adapter

OA-COFM - C-mount to Olympus adapter

OA-CTOT - C-mount to T-mount adapter

ACC-ASE-06887 - 15 m Active USB 3.0 connector cable (power supply not required) Icron for Ultra 888

ACC-ASE-08762 - 50 m Fibre Optic USB 3.0 extender solution inc. power supply (Adnaco) for Ultra 888

ACC-ASE-07860 - 100 m Fibre Optic USB 3.0 extender solution inc. power supply (Adnaco) for Ultra 888

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