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iXon Life 888 EMCCD

Andor’s new iXon Life EMCCD (Electron Multiplying CCD) platform is available exclusively for fluorescence microscopy applications and is engineered to deliver single photon sensitivity with absolutely unparalleled price/performance.

  • Single photon sensitivity
  • Back-illuminated > 95% QE
  • Fast frame rates
  • Unique price/performance
  • The ultimate detector for single molecules
  • Now with SRRF-Stream super-resolution

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Available in 1024 x 1024 and 512 x 512 sensor formats, each back-illuminated, to deliver the highest and broadest QE of any microscopy camera, and deep cooled down to -80oC for minimal darkcurrent, iXon Life represents a way to access, quite simply, the ultimate detector technology for single molecule biophysics and low-light live cell microscopy, in a distinctly budget friendly format.

Now available with NEW SRRF-Stream technology, converting most modern conventional microscopes into a real time superresolution microscope, for imaging live and fixed cells with low excitation intensities and without the need for specialised photoswitchable fluorophores (e.g. works with GFP).

Single Photon Sensitive & > 95% QE - Optimal SNR in light starved applications such as single molecule detection and quantum physics.

NEW ‘SRRF-Stream’ (optional) - Real time, cell super-resolution functionality. Living and fixed cells, works on most modern fluorescence microscopes. Super-resolution down to 50nm.

Overclocked readout speeds - Follow dynamic changing processes.

Crop Mode - Continuous imaging with fastest possible frame rate from centrally positioned ROIs. Highly enabling for live cell super-resolution and much more (e.g. 251 fps with 256 x 256 ROI).

TE cooling to -80°C - Elimination of dark current detection limit.

Superior Baseline Clamp and EM Stability - Essential for quantitative accuracy of dynamic measurements.

RealGain™ - Absolute EMCCD gain selectable directly from a linear and quantitative scale

OptAcquire - e Optimize the highly flexible iXon for different application requirements at the click of a button.

Count Convert - t Quantitatively capture and view data in electrons or incident photons. Applied either in real-time or post-processing, Count Convert does this important conversion for you.

EMCAL™ - Patented user-initiated self-recalibration of EM gain.


SRRF-STREAM-CAM - SRRF-Stream real time super-resolution functionality, compatible with iXon Ultra and iXon Life EMCCD platforms. Camera must be connected to acquisition PC workstation containing an NVidia GPU card (compute capability v3.0, or above, and 4GB or greater on-board GPU RAM).

OPTMSK-L/OPTMSKOC-L/OPTMSK-OC-S - OptoMask accessory, used to mask unwanted sensor area during Crop Mode acquisition (refer to OptoMask Specification Sheet for further information).

XW-RECR - Re-circulator for enhanced cooling performance

ACC-XW-CHIL-160 - Oasis 160 Ultra compact chiller unit

ACC-ASE-06887 - 15 m Active USB 3.0 connector cable (power supply not required) Icron for iXon Life 888


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