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Different Types and Uses of Biological Research Models

Life science research requires different models with increasing levels of biological complexity to suit different stages of work, from screening through to tissues to whole organisms. Therefore, a range of research models are available that scans this range; this series covers simple cell lines through to more complex organoids that have become increasingly popular in recent years.

Cell Lines Stem Cells
(series coming soon)
Cell Tissues
(series coming soon)
(series coming soon)
HeLa Embryonic Muscle Brain
HEK293 Adult Connective Kidney
CHO Induced pluripotent Nervous Liver
Jurkat Cord blood stem cells Epithelial Intestine
HL-60     Lungs
The Basics of Cell Culture
Model Organisms Series

Date: May 2020

Author: Dr Alan Mullan & Dr Aleksandra Marsh

Category: Application Note

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