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Operando Spectroscopy for Materials and Catalysis

Operando spectroscopy is a central tool in understanding chemical reactivity, and in providing guidance to control and direct reactivity.

Spectroscopic characterisation makes use of the full electromagnetic spectrum and the choice of technique is largely governed by the characteristics and composition of the material. In particular whether the sample is in bulk form or on a surface. A further complication is the 'non-innocence' of techniques. In such studies, changes, either spontaneous or stimulated, are followed over time.

The challenges and opportunities in the use of operando spectroscopy will be explored in several distinct situations. These range from catalysed reactions, where we look at the role and fate of catalysts, as well as the catalysed reaction itself, to catalyst-initiated polymerisations. In these examples I will seek to highlight both the challenges and the opportunities that operando spectroscopy, and especially Raman spectroscopy, provides us.

This presentation was part of the Andor Material Science Virtual Conference Feb 2021.

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