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Andor’s market-leading optical cryostats are the most efficient and economical for a wide range of microscopy and spectroscopy applications. Our Microstats and Optistats are available with liquid nitrogen (LN2), liquid helium and Cryofree™ technologies, sample in vacuum and sample in exchange gas systems, and with sample temperatures from <2.2 K to 500 K.

Automated. Compact. Cost-Effective. For Maximum Performance.

Benefits include:

Cryostats for Spectroscopy

Optistat features include:

  • Nitrogen Bath & Helium Flow
  • CryoFree™ (Dry) Options
  • 20 mm – 58 mm sample space (vacuum options)
  • Solids, Powder & Pellets
  • 3 K - 500 K range
  • Air- or water-cooled compressors
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Cryostats for Microscopy

Microstat features include:

  • Helium & LN2 Flow
  • 20 mm x 2-5 mm low vibration sample space
  • Solids, Powder & Pellets
  • < 10min cooldown
  • 2 K - 500 K
  • 10 DC wires to sample
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