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Signal and Data Connections used on Andor Cameras

There are some other data connections found on Andor cameras, spectrographs and other equipment besides those that are used for image data transfer. For example the large area iKon-XL features several of these, a brief outline of which is given below.


The iKon-XL features a built-in fibre optic SFP-LC connection. This is to allow efficient data transmission over long distance via optical fibre. This effectively works as an in-built USB 3.0 extender solution.


iKon-XL and Balor cameras also features an iRIG-B connection.  This is not a data transfer connection, but it enables a GPS-timestamp accurate to 10 nanoseconds to be applied according to the to iRIG-B standard. An example of how this may be used is for synchronised measurements from cameras in different geographic locations.


The I2C connection, despite being an older “low speed” connection, is still a common format especially on spectrographic equipment like the Shamrock series, and is used for synchronization and timing with other devices.


A range of different camera connection types have been developed to support the growing data transfer rates required by the latest cameras that run at high frame rates and have large-area high-resolution formats. As new sensors continue to be developed, we will see further development of camera connection types to meet these ever higher data transfer rate demands.

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Other Signal and Data Connections used on Andor cameras

Date: May 2020

Author: Dr Alan Mullan

Category: Technical Article

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