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Micropoint 4 in Semiconductor Marking Applications

MicroPoint 4 is a versatile tool for industrial markings that can fit most microscopes. It is ideal for marking errors in silicon wafers or generating registration spots for scanning electron microscopy (SEM), catering to a wide range of applications and needs.

The MicroPoint 4 pulsed photo-stimulation system uses a Nitrogen (N2) pulsed laser (337 nm) to pump a cavity resonator (dye cell) containing a carefully titrated solution of fluorescent molecules. There are 24 different wavelengths available, or with the fiber spot adaptor, it can also use a continuous wave laser. Using an N2 laser, it produces 4 ns pulses with a maximum energy of around 40 µJ (435 nm dye). Two models are available: manual (one central spot) or Galvo, which uses a galvanometer steering of the laser beam, allowing the user to make lines and shapes.

The Galvo model, operated through our user-friendly software Andor iQ, allows you to duplicate the screen of your favorite imaging software, ensuring a seamless and comfortable user experience.

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