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Virus host interactions immune system and mitochondria

Viral infections such as Influenza and Dengue are major public health threats due to their high rates of morbidity and mortality. Upon virus entry, host cells experience modifications of endomembranes, including those used for virus trafficking and replication.

In this presentation Dr. Etienne Morel communicates the findings from their groups’ recent research in this area using the latest imaging techniques to study virus-host cell interactions. 

This includes discussion on how virus infection modifies mitochondrial morphodynamics by promoting mitochondria elongation and altering endoplasmic reticulum-mitochondria tethering in host cells. Dr. Morel describes how expression of the viral RNA recapitulates these modifications inside cells and how virus induced mitochondria hyper-elongation impacts on fission/fusion status. Finally, they also show the effect of Mito-C and discuss the potential antiviral properties it may have. The data presented highlights the importance of a functional interchange between mitochondrial morphodynamics and innate immunity machineries in the context of viral infection.

This presentation was part of the Andor Virology Virtual Conference March 2021.

Date: May 2021

Author: Dr Etinne Morel

Category: Webinar


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