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Cryostats Buyers Guide

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Explore the complex world of cryostats with our comprehensive guide. Discover the technology underlying these vacuum-insulated sample environments, which may achieve temperatures as low as 77 K or lower than 4 K by using mechanical coolers or liquid cryogens. 

Our guide helps readers understand the wide range of options available in optical cryostat systems by navigating the maze of cryostats. We explain the complexity, from forms and window combinations to the perfect conditions for particular research. Take part on an insightful journey into the nuances of cryostats as we address your most pressing concerns and reveal the vast array of options available to you.

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Low-Temperature UV-SWIR Spectroscopy

Andor portfolio of high sensitivity detectors, highly modular spectrographs and temperature-controlled sample holders down to <3K (cryostats) provide cutting-edge technology blocks for home-builder spectroscopists. Researchers can tailor their detection configurations to capture and analyse the optical signatures of various samples under controlled environments with the highest degree of accuracy, using Photoluminescence, Raman, Absorption/Reflectance or Second Harmonic Generation (SHG) Spectroscopy techniques.

This flexibility provides scientists with analytical tools suitable for the study of a wide range of samples in the fields of advanced Material Science including semiconductors, quantum sources, thin films studies at the macro and micro-level, Chemical and Catalysis or Biophyics.

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