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BC43 – The Ultimate Benchtop Microscope Family

Andor now offers an extended range of benchtop microscopes, all designed with cost, performance and accessibility in mind.

The new BM42 and BC43 WF are fast, easy-to-use, compact and affordable widefield microscopes, and BC43 WF's in-field upgrade path ensures the system can grow with your research needs.

BC43 CF, our original award winning benchtop solution, is a high-end confocal that captures outstanding images at the push of a button.

Completing the portfolio is BC43 SR – the microscope that delivers super resolution data quicker and easier than ever before.

All models are supported by our IQ / OQ quality control programme for guaranteed performance, as well as Imaris image analysis to add meaning to your images.

BC43: More Modalities. More Performance. More Certainty.

A Benchtop Microscope that Grows with Your Needs

NEW BM42 / BC43 WF

Affordable & Upgradable Fluorescence 

Andor BC43
Imaging Modes - 2
Brightfield & Differential Phase Contrast
Widefield (BM42 confocal not available)


Fast, Easy & Compact Confocal

Andor BC43
Imaging Modes - 3
Brightfield & Differential Phase Contrast
Widefield & Confocal


Small in Size, Super in Resolution

Andor BC43
Imaging Modes - 4
Brightfield & Differential Phase Contrast
Widefield, Confocal & Super Resolution

We use the BC43 for expansion microscopy and its ease-of-use simplifies our workflow. The 'Quick Sample Overview', along with the position and time saving 'add oil' feature, results in a super-efficient large area overview and region selection for subsequent high magnification imaging. Individual user interfaces increases the user-friendliness even further.

Professor Lene Niemann Nejsum, Department of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University.

The Compact, Flexible and Easy to Use Microscope You Can Trust

BC43 is a super-compact unit that is rich in features and benefits, making it the ideal microscope for early-stage researchers and experienced microscopists alike. With no requirement for a darkroom, researchers can access a range of fluorescence microscopy techniques on the same bench as their sample preparation. This, coupled with the fast-learning curve, allows individual users and entire labs to become much more productive, without compromising results.

Optical performance is backed up by Andor’s new IQ / OQ quality control programme, which ensures that all BC43 microscopes operate within tightly controlled parameters, providing confidence that your data and experiments are reproducible in the future.

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Fluorescence, Confocal, and Super Resolution Microscopy All-In-One

The BC43 benchtop microscope portfolio utilises imaging technology from our award-winning Dragonfly confocal system, and provides fast and remarkably flexible imaging. From routine imaging to advanced super resolution, BC43 provides researchers with the ultimate productivity hack, delivering stunning images in seconds, hassle-free.

Widefield Fluorescence Microscopy

BC43 WF and all other models support widefield fluorescence microscopy. The most widely used fluorescence imaging technique by researchers. Typically used for imaging tissue sections and cultured cells (fixed or living).

Widefield is sometimes preferred over confocal and super resolution for having the highest sensitivity and detecting lower sample signals. It also offers the fastest imaging speeds to capture dynamic processes in live cells. Adding ClearView™ digital confocal removes blur making simple 3D imaging possible.

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Confocal Microscopy

BC43 CF, upgradable from the BC43 WF model, includes our patented spinning-disk confocal technology, providing fast and remarkably flexible imaging. No expertise needed to achieve routine confocal imaging. Capture superb images at least 10 times faster than point scanner-based systems!

BC43 is a prime solution for 3D imaging of thick samples. A high sensitivity, high-speed imaging camera makes it perfect for live-cell confocal imaging.

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Super Resolution Microscopy

Included in BC43 SR, upgradeable for all other models, our super-resolution module powers through the diffraction limit of even the highest quality optics to ~140nm.

This mode can be used in combination with either widefield fluorescence or confocal delivering the highest detail for intracellular structures like actin filaments and microtubules for clarity on network structure, vesicles aiding multi-label identification, and other targets like muscle fibre structure.

A two-dimensional method which can still be used in 3D structures to gain deeper insight.

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Transmitted Light Microscopy

All models deliver two different transmitted light options for amazing imaging flexibility:

  • Use Brightfield Mode to visualise the development of larger organisms whose structures naturally deliver high contrast images
  • For thinner samples and/or those with higher transparency, use Differential Phase Contrast (DPC) mode to draw out their structure.

You can also mix and match modes like DPC and Widefield for even more imaging flexibility!

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Easy Fluorescence Microscopy Adapting to Your Research

Andor's benchtop microscope range has been developed in collaboration with leading biologists; for use across life science applications and is designed to be part of a single room workflow. Our benchtop microscopes will bring instant clarity and depth to your research, whatever your sample, in ways previously only found in larger, more complex and expensive imaging systems.


BC43 addresses the broad scales and types of imaging protocols and analysis related to cancer research. From super-resolved subcellular and cellular fixed and live cell experiments to large tissue samples and organoids requiring deeper imaging.

  • Image monolayer and 3D cell cultures
  • Follow cell dynamics (intercellular behaviour, migration and division)
  • High productivity imaging of tissue preparations
  • Analyse movement, cell lineage, count cells, features and more
  • IQ-OQ quality control ensures ongoing confidence in your results.

Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma cells inside and on top of a 3D hydrogel. DNA is blue, lamin A/C is green, and tubulin is orange. Image credit: Sebastian Amos and Yu Suk Choi, University of Western Australia.

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Cell Biology

BC43 conquers the diverse range of protocols that cell biology experiments demand: from a simple 2D snapshot of a cell, even for super-resolution, to understanding dynamic processes with time-lapse.

BC43's unrivalled clarity and speed will save you time without compromising resolution (X,Y or Z) or field of view.

  • Confocal mode for fast, high-resolution imaging of tissues
  • Widefield mode for higher sensitivity and maximum speeds
  • ClearView™ technology boosts image clarity in all models.

Core Facilities

Andor’s benchtop microscope is a compact, but fully featured system for routine imaging. It can be the imaging workhorse you are looking for, freeing up your sophisticated systems with advanced tools for those who need them.

Simplicity of use has been designed into BC43 to reduce training time and ongoing support of users, enabling labs and facilities to become more efficient. Listening to microscopy community groups like QUAREP-LiMi our IQ-OQ programme confirms reliable performance at all times.

Researchers will rapidly become competent in acquiring excellent 3D images, and higher multi-dimensional experiments on their own.

  • Four excitation lines (405, 488, 561 & 640nm)
  • Up to 5 imaging objectives (exchangeable)
  • Multiple imaging modes offers flexibility whatever the sample and whatever your budget and needs.

Developmental Biology

Cut through the challenges of your 3D world and capture images in perfect clarity - from the very first rounds of cell division to the fully developed organism.

Extract crisp 2D images or explore stunning 3D volumes in a fraction of the time you’re used to. Andor’s Benchtop Confocal delivers fast, high-resolution imaging of developing model organisms such as zebrafish and Drosophila.

  • Choose a model appropriate to your sample needs
  • Purchase or upgrade to confocal for thick specimens/models
  • Boost productivity 10-fold compared with traditional confocals
  • No sacrifices to resolution, field of view or 3D detail for speed.


Break through the burden of countless images demanded by your neuroscience research with a ten-fold speed boost, compared to conventional confocal microscopes. 

Flexible imaging modes cover sensitive live imaging of neuronal processes to large scale imaging of entire neuronal networks in 3D.

  • Select BC43 WF for tissue sections and cultures. BC43 CF for cleared tissue, expansion, organoids and more
  • Outstanding real-time 3D visualisation for immediate insight
  • Super-resolution available for high detail investigation
  • IQ-OQ assurance on image accuracy
  • Dedicated image analysis tools with Imaris: automated process tracing, auto depth, spine detection and more.

Tissue Imaging

Capture stunning 2D and 3D images from live tissue models to whole cleared-tissue preparations.​

BC43 is a true workhorse instrument for large sample imaging, capturing in a tenth of the time of conventional confocal systems and imaging deeper than widefield epifluorescence with deconvolution or digital clearing.​

  • Time-saving, large-view, high-resolution imaging of tissue
  • Capture huge samples with tiled volume imaging and stitching​
  • Innovative analysis tools available with Imaris: machine learning object classification, spatial analysis, volume and morphology and many more.

Powerful and Intuitive Acquisition Software

At the heart of BC43 is a software that is not only feature-rich and flexible to your needs, it is easy-to-use as well:

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Comprehensive Image Analysis Software with AI Tools

All Andor Benchtop Microscopes come with the introductory Imaris Quantify package for users to:

Additional Imaris modules, are also available including tools for tracking and reporting motility metrics, quantifying cells and their intracellular organelles, and tracing neurons for reporting their specific characteristics.

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