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Multi-modal Microscopy and How it Impacts your Research

One of the drivers of novel research breakthroughs in modern Life Sciences is the use of microscopy. Therefore, it is not a surprise that researchers use a wide range of microscopy techniques to understand fundamental concepts in Life Sciences and biomedical research. Novel technologies and experimental methodologies are essential to push the boundaries of research.

Until recently, there was no instrument compatible with live-cell imaging that could deliver deep-tissue imaging through to single-molecule localisation microscopy. In 2017 Andor created a new approach to confocal imaging and launched “Dragonfly”, a unique spinning disk confocal system revolutionising the way imaging systems are conceived. Andor delivered a confocal that can acquire images in an instant, rendering 3D volumes in real-time; as well as a multimodal platform with multiple imaging techniques embedded in the system. With Dragonfly, Andor was successful in accommodating 21st-century researcher needs and expectations, addressing more scientific questions on a single imaging instrument than before.

Researchers using the Dragonfly confocal platform publish outstanding science in high profile journals. In only three years since the release of the Dragonfly confocal platform, more than 100 scientific publications have been published using Dragonfly in high impact journals.

In this webinar, Dr Claudia Florindo will show examples of published data acquired with Dragonfly multimodal system. We will present data from different research areas in biomedical science and show different applications/techniques of up-to-date microscopy. Namely, we will present widefield imaging, confocal, TIRF, SRRF-stream and dSTORM. Our goal is to provide attendees insight of modern microscopy techniques, and their applications.


  • Recognise applications of microscopy in life sciences.
  • List model organisms used in life sciences for bio-imaging applications.
  • Validate Andor confocal Dragonfly as the confocal solution for life sciences application

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