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sCMOS for Physical Science and Spectroscopy

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Andor’s sCMOS camera platforms delivers the highest possible speed, ultimate sensitivity, high time-resolution and superb resolution imaging and spectroscopy performance. The Zyla sCMOS, iStar sCMOS and Zyla-HF sCMOS cameras are suited to any cutting edge experiments that push the boundaries of speed and sensitivity.

Unique on-head intelligence provides convenient, seamless data processing at the touch of a button for spectroscopists and multitrack users.

Zyla sCmons

Zyla sCMOS

For Physical Imaging and Spectroscopy Applications
  • Particle Image
    Velocimetry (PIV)
  • Lucky/Speckle Imaging
  • Solar Astronomy
  • Bose Einstein Condensation
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iStar sCMOS

iStar sCMOS

For Nanosecond Gated Imaging and Spectroscopy Applications
  • Quantum Physics
  • Plasma diagnostics
  • Flow/Spray/Combustion processes study
  • Time-Resolved Luminescence
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For Indirect X-ray Imaging and Spectroscopy Applications
  • Hard x-ray imaging and spectroscopy
  • High Harmonic Generation (HHG)
  • X-ray plasma spectroscopy
  • Transmission Electron microscopy
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Additional Resources

Further reading material on Andor's innovations in sCMOS for physical science can be found below in a series of case studies, press releases and published papers.