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Scientific Cameras Ready for Immediate Delivery

We have a large number of high-performance scientific cameras that are built to stock and ready to ship. This means they can be delivered in as little as one week.

There is limited availability for some models, and they will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

Our extensive portfolio is characterised by outstanding performance and ease of use, empowering customers to see more, faster. The cameras are suitable for a range of life science and physical science experiments. If you are unsure which camera is best for your experiment, our experts will help you with the selection.

We also have a sizeable list of ex-demo cameras, which are available with discounts of up to 30%.


New Cameras Available for Immediate Shipment: 

Microscope Cameras

  • Sona and Zyla sCMOS, iXon EMCCDs, and iKon CCDs.
  • Up to 95% QE and 135 fps.
  • Suited to a wide variety of microscopy applications, from extremely challenging single molecule tracking to routine widefield microscopy of living or fixed cells.
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Quantum Imaging Cameras

  • iXon EMCCDs, iKon CCDs, and iStar Intensified sCMOS/CCDs.
  • Suitable applications: Quantum Entanglement and Photon Counting experiments, Quantum Gases and Bose Einstein Condensates (BEC), Ion Trap Quantum Computing.
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Astronomy Cameras

  • Marana and Zyla sCMOS, iKon CCDs, and iXon EMCCDs.
  • Suitable applications: Solar Astronomy, Debris Tracking, Exoplanet Discovery, Speckle/Lucky Imaging, Occultations, Wavefront Sensing and Adaptive Optics, Large Sky Surveys.
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Time Resolved Cameras

  • iStar sCMOS and iStar CCDs.
  • High Sensitivity AND high dynamic range, ns time-resolution, up to 4 kHz frame/spectral rates.
  • Suitable applications: Plasma Diagnostics, Fluid and Flow Dynamics studies, fast Transient Chemical studies.
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Spectroscopy Cameras

  • Zyla, Marana and iStar sCMOS, Newton and iDus CCDs, iXon EMCCDs, iDus InGaAs, and iStar ICCDs.
  • High Sensitivity from UV to NIR and SWIR, high dynamic range, up to kHz spectral rates. Couple seamlessly to Andor spectrographs.
  • Suitable applications: Raman, Luminescence, LIBS, Absorption, Non-linear spectroscopies, micro-spectroscopy and many more.
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Physical Science Cameras

  • Marana sCMOS, iKon CCDs, and iXon EMCCDs.
  • High Sensitivity from UV to NIR, high dynamic range, high-speed multi-Megapixel cameras.
  • Suitable applications: Indirect X-Ray and Neutron Detection including Tomography, Particle Imaging Velocimetry (PIV), Hyperspectral Imaging.
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