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Scientific CMOS, EMCCD & CCD Research Cameras

Andor’s scientific camera portfolio utilise market leading EMCCD, sCMOS and CCD sensor technology. 

Andor’s camera range delivers wide variety of benefits such as single photon sensitivity, fast frame rates, ultra-vacuum cooled chambers, global and rolling shutter, low noise, super speed, sensitivity and much more. They are suitable for a wide gamut of applications across both life and physical sciences.

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EMCCD Cameras

Andor’s EMCCD for life and physical science research have many innovate qualities to help propel your research forward. Whatever your application Andor’s EMCCD’s will enable you to achieve superior results.

Features include:

Single photon sensitivity

Back-illuminated > 95% QE

Up to -100°C cooling

Fast frame rates

Available with SRRF-Stream+ (super-resolution technology)

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Scientific CMOS Cameras

Andor’s fast and sensitive scientific CMOS cameras cover a range of applications for life and physical science. Discover how Andor’s Scientific CMOS can assist you with your next discovery.

Features include:

Back-illuminated > 95% QE

Low noise & vacuum cooled

Global and rolling shutter

From 4.2 to 16.9 Megapixels

Fast frame rates

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CCD Cameras

Andor’s cooled, slow-scan and large area CCD cameras offer robust quality and low maintenance solutions for both life and physical science research.

Features include:

Large Field of View

Thermoelectric cooling to -100 °C

Industry leading low noise performance

Near Infra-Red enhanced response

Back-illuminated > 95% QE

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Intensified CCD & sCMOS Cameras

Andor’s range of iStar sCMOS & CCD cameras are designed with you in mind. Whether your application area is Plasma Diagnostics, Quantum Physics or TR Luminescence Andor’s range of iStar sCMOS & CCD cameras can help you transform your research.

Features include:

Superior speed up to 4,000 fps and sps

Ultra low noise for high sensitivity

NEW Ultrafast spectroscopy and multi-track

Ultimate timing accuracy with <2 ns gating

Market leading dynamic range at full speed

X-Ray, Neutron, EUV Detection Cameras 

Andor’s range of CCD, sCMOS and EMCCD detectors and cameras provide a wide range of high sensitivity, high dynamic range and fast detection solutions for table-top laboratory and beamline experiments.

Features include:

High VUV/EUV/XUV sensitivity

Deep TE-cooling to -100°C

Large Field of View (FOV)

High dynamic range

Up to 100 frames/s

Spectroscopy Cameras & Detectors

Andor’s range of CCD, EMCCD, InGaAs, ICCD and sCMOS cameras offer tailored solutions to particular sample or optical phenomena detection and characterisation challenges for Raman, Luminescence/Photoluminescence, Non-Linear or Optical Emission Spectroscopy/LIBS –based experiments.

Features include:

High sensitivity UV-SWIR

Large pixel well depth

Nanosecond gating

µs to ms time-resolution

High sensitivity & resolution matrix