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Integrated Laser Engine

The Andor Integrated Laser Engine (ILE) is a third generation multi-line laser source delivering between two and eight laser lines via one, two or three optical fibre outputs for millisecond switching between imaging modes and tools like Confocal, TIRF and FRAPPA.

  • Multi-line laser source - up to 8 lines
  • Wide VIS-NIR range
  • Up to 3 port output
  • Unique Active blanking
  • Low power consumption
  • Long life solid state lasers

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Key features of the ultra-stable platform include active thermal control, vibration isolation and optimal laser beam management to deliver robust long-lived performance. Utilizing primarily direct modulation (DM) lasers, the ILE achieves unrivalled spectral range, efficiency and stability. Fifty to more than one hundred milliwatts is available on most DM laser lines, providing plenty of power for your bio-imaging and spectroscopy needs. ILE is available in Class 3B and Class 4 models.

Control of the unit is via either RS-232, USB2 or direct analog/TTL control of individual lasers via rear panel connections. The unit provides fast laser blanking via 4 inputs to allow multi-camera, FRAP and user-specified control for flexibility.

Wide VIS-NIR spectral range - The ILE is compatible with a wide range of laser sources and wavelengths, the current selection covers from 405 up to 785 nm

Direct modulation Lasers - Obtain exceptional spectral range, high efficiency and stability

Three-port switch: multi-function flexibility - Switch effortlessly between Confocal, TIRF, widefield and/or FRAP modes

Multi-line laser source - Flexible configuration allows up to 4 lines in the ILE-400 and up to 8 lines in the ILE-800

Thermally managed - Effective thermal regulation helps to provide long-term, ultra-stable performance

Borealis-compatible - Benefit from enhanced throughput and uniformity in widefield and spinning disk confocal systems


The ILE offers exceptional flexibility in system configuration so you can tailor the ILE to the exact requirements of your application. The ILE is available in base configurations offering up to 4 (ILE-400), 7 (ILE-700) or 8 (ILE-800) laser lines, as well as both single mode and multi-mode port options. In addition the ILE has been designed to enable in-field upgrades so that your system may evolve to meet your future research needs. In-field upgrades only applicable to adding lasers and a second ILE unit (e.g. ILE-400 to ILE-700, or ILE-400-M to ILE-800-M).

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