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C-RED New Space

We are proud to introduce our latest innovation: C-RED New Space, a SWIR camera core specifically designed to uphold optical excellence and withstand the extreme conditions of space operations.

First Light Imaging is now part of Oxford Instruments
  • SWIR 0.9 - 1.7 μm

  • Full Frame 600 fps

  • <30 e- RON

  • 640 x 512 InGaAs, 15 μm pixel pitch

  • 93 dB and true 16 bits

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C-RED New Space is a SWIR camera core based on a VGA InGaAs space-approved sensor with a resolution of 640x512 pixels and a 15µm pixel pitch, for a successful seamless integration into any system specifically satellite optical payloads. The camera offers extensive customization in hardware, electronic design and firmware to ensure optimal performance and support the demanding conditions of space operations.

The camera offers a full frame acquisition speed of 600 frames per second and up to 32066 frames per second in 32x4 in windowing mode. Its high frame rate optimizes temporal resolution, making it invaluable for applications that involve rapid changes or movements. This high framerate is combined to an extreme sensitivity and high dynamic range, without compromises.

C-RED New Space offers a readout noise below 30 electrons and a 93 dB and true 16 bits high dynamic range mode: it enables imaging and sensing in ultra low light conditions and various light intensities. Additionally, the camera can operate across a large operational temperature range, making it suitable for challenging environments. Its advanced thermal design ensures low and repeatable noise, as well as maintained quantum efficiency performances.

C-RED New Space is an indispensable tool for space projects.

Sensor Specifications C-RED New Space
Sensor Size 640 x 512 pixels | 0.3 Mp
Pixel Pitch 15 μm
Quantization 14 bit
Readout Noise at high gain, Tint at 50 μs, 600 FPS Full Frame at 5°C <30 e-
Flat Quantum Efficiency from 1.1 μm to 1.65 μm >70%
Operability due to signal response (pixels with signal ± 0.3*median at 20°C) >99.8 %
Image full well capacity low gain 1.4 Me-
medium gain 115 ke-
high gain 34 ke-
Frame rate full frame 600 fps
32 x 4 (min) pixels 32066 fps
320 x 256 pixels 1779 fps

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