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C-RED 2 ER is a highly sensitive extended SWIR camera, based on a VGA (640x512 pixels) ER-InGaAs detector array. The camera offers framerates up to 600 Hz. The C-RED 2 ER camera can support two detectors with shifted sensitivity up to 1.9 µm and to 2.2 µm.

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  • 640 x 512 InGaAs sensor

  • SWIR 1.1 - 1.9 μm or 1.3 - 2.2 μm

  • 15 μm pixel pitch

  • 70% QE, wavelength from 0.9 to 1.7 μm

  • Up to 600 fps full frame

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C-RED 2 ER is a highly sensitive extended InGaAs camera series for extended SWIR imaging and opens new imaging and sensing opportunities for life science, research, laser measurements, and industrial applications.

C-RED 2 ER are VGA (640 x 512 pixels) detectors with a 15 μm pixel pitch for high resolution, and with peak quantum efficiency > 70%. All models are able to run at 600 fps, full frame, and up to 32066 fps in cropping mode. In addition, all models have an integrated two-stage thermoelectric cooler, which enables a cooling capability up to 60°C.

C-RED 2 ER is available with two options of InGaAs detectors with shifted sensivity ranges:

  • C-RED 2 ER 1.9 μm is sensitive in the range of 1.1 to 1.9 μm
  • C-RED 2 ER 2.2 μm is sensitive in the range of 1.2 to 2.2 μm

C-RED 2 ER 1.9 μm and C-RED 2 ER 2.2 μm are complementary to C-RED 2 in terms of sensitivity, as they cover the high end of the SWIR spectrum. The C-RED 2 ER 1.9 μm achieves a readout noise < 50 e- while C-RED 2 ER 2.2 μm readout noise is < 40 e-.

The development of extended range detectors based on InGaAs technology is a recent breakthrough in imaging. With a double thermoelectric cooling system, the camera is a straightforward solution for imaging in the far end of the SWIR spectrum without the cryogenic cooling required for HgCdTe.

Sensor Specifications C-RED 2 ER 1.9 μm C-RED 2 ER 2.2 μm
Full sensitivity range (QE >10%) 1100 - 1900 nm 1300 - 2150 nm
Quantum Efficiency >70% 1150 - 1800 nm 1380 - 2050 nm
Maximum Speed Full Frame 600 fps
Readout Noise at High Gain, Tint at 50 μs, 600 fps Full Frame <50 (@ -40°C) e- <40 (@ -55°C) e-
Dark Current 20 (@ -40°C) ke/p/s 120 (@ -55°C) ke/p/s
Quantization 14 bit
Operability >95 (@ -40°C)% contact us
Image Full well capacity at low gain, 600 fps 1500 ke-
Image Full well capacity at med gain, 600 fps 130 ke-
Image Full well capacity at high gain, 600 fps 34 ke-
Maximum speed in 32 x 4 (min) 32066 fps
Maximum speed in 320 x 256 1779 fps

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