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Expansion Microscopy Workshop and Live Demo

Webinar | Revealing the Nanoscale Organisation of the Cell Using Expansion Microscopy

  • Overview of expansion microscopy
  • Step-by-step description of an optimized protocol (U-ExM)
  • Demonstration of cell ultrastructure preservation after expansion

In this webinar, learn the principle of expansion microscopy an emerging fluorescence microscopy sample preparation protocol which unveils molecular architecture and ultrastructure of organelles.

Our guest speaker & ExM expert, Professor Paul Guichard, head of the “Centriole architecture laboratory” at the University of Geneva (Switzerland) will share:

  • What are the major differences between ExM existing protocols?
  • Key examples of applications of ExM in Cell Biology and Parasitology
  • Brand new approaches coupled with ExM

A live demo on the Andor Dragonfly will follow the presentation. During this interactive session on the Dragonfly, our multimodal imaging platform, Dr Bellow will be pleased to showcase the performance of this super-resolution technique.

Dragonfly Live Demo | Exploring and Analysing Expanded Samples

Dragonfly High Speed Confocal System

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