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Image Guided Intra-Operative Surgery for Resection of Tumor Tissue

Despite many improvements in pre- and postoperative imaging modalities (e.g. CT, MRI, PET, SPECT), during oncologic surgeries, the surgeon mainly has to rely on visual inspection to determine what structures should be resected (tumors, lymph nodes) and what structures should be spared (e.g. nerves, bile ducts, ureters).

Near infrared (NIR) fluorescence imaging (700 – 900 nm) is a novel imaging modality that can provide the surgeon with real-time image-guidance during surgery for the complete and safe resection of tumor tissue. This technique has the potential to improve cancer surgery outcomes, minimize the time patients are under anaesthesia and lower health-care costs largely by way of its improved contrast and depth of tissue penetration relative to visible light.

You can view our recent Intra-operative Imaging webinar entitled "The Future Of Tumor Removal – Image Guided Intra-Operative Surgery" below.

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