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EX2 Technology - Extended QE from Dual AR sensor coating

EX2 Technology - Extended QE from Dual AR sensor coating

Selected iXon models are now available with a new Dual Anti-Reflection coating applied to the back-illuminated sensor, affording a significant enhancement of the Quantum Efficiency performance.

Available on the new speed-boosted iXon Ultra 897 platform, as well as iXon3 897 and 888 models, EX2 technology facilitates broadening of the QE range of the back-illuminated sensors through implementation of a new dual AR coating process, developed by sensor manufacturer e2v. The net effect is to offer significantly improved sensitivity in both the blue and NIR wavelength regions, whilst maintaining ~ 90% QE across the remainder of the visible region.

Back-illuminated EMCCD sensor QE curves, comparing standard ‘BV’ mid-band AR coating versus new EX2 dual AR coating. Reference data available at +20 °C and -100 °C sensor cooling temperatures.

Fringe Suppression Sensors

Selected iXon models are now available with a new Fringe Suppression property in the sensor design, reducing spatial etaloning effects that can arise through monochromatic imaging in the Near Infra-Red (NIR) wavelength range.

Etaloning is particular to back-illuminated sensors and is caused by interference between reflections off the front and back parallel sensor surfaces. For NIR applications, such as imaging of Bose Einstein Condenates, etaloning effects, often observed more notably beyond ~ 750nm, can sometimes restrict the ability to perform high integrity quantitative imaging. Fringe Suppression refers to a sensor design modification that significantly reduces the amplitude of etaloning effects. The design has been implemented by sensor manufacturers E2V and based on a tried and trusted process, successfully validated over several years of CCD manufacture. Fringe Suppression is available on iXon Ultra 897, iXon3 897 and iXon3 888 models.

To learn more, please read the technical article entitled ‘New EMCCD Sensor Enhancements: Extended QE and Fringe Suppression’.

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