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Scientific Cameras Buyers Guide


These are exciting times for electronic imaging. The imaging camera is one of the most critical components in many experiments. We can now observe single photons in experimental physics and quantify single molecules in experimental biology. We can view processes within whole small animals, experiment on organoids and study the complexities of neural networks in the brain. We can watch chemical and biological processes on nanosecond timescales.

This eBook presents an Introduction to Scientific Cameras and what makes them different to the ones found in your phone. In this eBook, we aim to provide an understanding of the basics of light detection so you can understand and compare technical specifications.

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Andor's Scientific Cameras

Andor’s scientific camera portfolio utilise market leading EMCCD, sCMOS and CCD sensor technology. Andor’s camera range delivers wide variety of benefits such as single photon sensitivity, fast frame rates, ultra-vacuum cooled chambers, global and rolling shutter, low noise, super speed, sensitivity and much more. They are suitable for a wide gamut of applications across both life and physical sciences.