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Benchtop Microscope Installation Packages

Andor's Benchtop Microscopes have quickly become market-leading instruments in the field of life sciences research since their launch in November 2021. Building upon this success, Andor is introducing a revolutionary new initiative for light microscopy, developed through intensive collaboration with imaging experts in the scientific community.

We now offer three installation options to manage and monitor the performance of your microscope, tailored to individual research labs and core facilities. With these options, customers can now have a fully supported quality control program from the manufacturer of their microscope with detailed reports detailing actual performance specifications.

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Flexible Installation Packages

Our installation packages are designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers, providing flexibility and support for optimal microscope performance.

Option 1: Customer Self-Install

Andor understands the fast-paced and competitive nature of cutting-edge science. For innovative researchers with a high level of technical expertise who need to move quickly and require immediate results for breakthrough discoveries, we offer a concise program of online self-installation instructions and training materials. 

Watch our self-install video below to learn how to unbox, connect, and start up your system, as well as how to acquire real-time 3D images of your prepared specimens.

Option 2: FSE-IQ (Installation Qualification)

With this option, a Field Service Engineer (FSE) will install your new benchtop microscope following a standardized protocol and provide an Installation Qualification (IQ) certificate detailing the system and the installation process.

These certificates are necessary for procurement or quality control purposes in certain institutes and specialised research environments. After the installation, the FSE will train your users on the basic operation and control of the microscope through a documented training protocol. Upon successful completion, your team members will receive individual basic training certificates.

Additionally, two team members will be instructed on maintenance and verification tasks, including service procedures for modular parts and components replacement. Your team will learn how to:

These two team members will receive additional certificates demonstrating their advanced training proficiency and a copy of the test protocols for future reference.

Option 3: FSE-IQ/OQ (Operational Qualification)

Our Field Service Engineer (FSE) - Installation Qualification (IQ) / Operational Qualification (OQ) package includes all the services of our IQ program. Additionally, it involves a comprehensive series of quantitative tests to establish the exact operating characteristics of the benchtop microscope unit in your laboratory.

The OQ test protocols are based on scientific community initiatives like QUAREP-LiMi and top-cited scientific papers that have established quantifiable tests for fluorescent microscopy.

Upon completion of this service program by the FSE, the system's performance is guaranteed to be equal to or better than the published product specifications. The same series of tests will be conducted during the FSE's annual preventive maintenance visit, ensuring any imaging metric or parameter outside of product specifications is rectified during the visit.