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An Expert's Guide To Intensified Scientific Cameras

sCMOS and CCDs

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An intensified camera is designed to acquire images at nanosecond time scales with the ability to amplify signals. Andor's iStar CCD and iStar sCMOS can be single photon sensitive. This page addresses frequently asked questions about intensified CCD and sCMOS cameras.

This eBook explores the world of intensifiers and how they can aid scientific discovery. An intensifier is a component added in front of a camera sensor that is designed to use electronics to gate and/or amplify the photon signals before reaching a camera sensor.

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Scientific CMOS, EMCCD & CCD Research Cameras

Andor’s scientific camera portfolio utilise market leading EMCCD, sCMOS and CCD sensor technology.

Andor’s camera range delivers wide variety of benefits such as single photon sensitivity, fast frame rates, ultra-vacuum cooled chambers, global and rolling shutter, low noise, super speed, sensitivity and much more. They are suitable for a wide gamut of applications across both life and physical sciences.

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