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Dual Camera Simultaneous Acquisition

Do you have a single camera, dual-port Dragonfly and are you making the most of your time?

  • Improve your productivity with simultaneous dual colour imaging
    • e.g. half the time capturing a two colour volume of your sample
  • Improve your live-cell temporal resolution and discover more.
    • See what others are missing!

Upgrade to dual camera and take advantage of increased productivity and acquisitions speeds.

Do you want the best of both worlds, highest sensitivity and resolution?

  • Make the most of Dragonfly’s exceptional low noise and add an iXon camera to detect signals not visible on other confocal solutions.
  • Replace your Zyla and add a Sona 6 for the latest in sCMOS technology, with its back-illuminated sensor and superior cooling, to boost sensitivity in this higher resolution camera.
  • You can have two different cameras with different pixel sizes and still use them simultaneously for the benefits explained above!