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BC43 Maintenance Packages

Performance and Peace of Mind, Year After Year

We provide services for universities and research institutes, as well as commercial businesses and multi-system facilities. Choose the maintenance contract that suits your operational needs and budget.

With a range of service support packages our engineers will support you whenever you need us and ensure your system is maintained in optimal condition, including software during preventative maintenance visits.

We’re with you every step of the way to future proof your investment and ensure onwards data and system compatibility.

We also offer our customers the option to purchase service products as and when the need arises, such as LiveAssist remote support, upgrades and spares. 

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Maintenance packages can be renewed during the life of the plan, without the need for inspection, saving you money and time. For more information on our BC43 Benchtop Confocal Maintenance Package, please contact your account representative or alternatively you can visit

Innovative Support Techniques


Allows us computer access over the internet, as if we were sitting with you on-site, particularly useful for training, remote upgrades or basic support. Support queries can be handled quickly, ensuring minimal downtime and inconvenience.


Using the very latest technology, we can enhance our response by digitally merging two real-time views, blending local and remote video streams to give or recieve interactive help anywhere instantly.

Our Support Packages provide fast and easy access to our expert help desks, key account engineers and spare parts, to ensure that your uptime, cost of ownership and productivity stay at an optimal level.

Having access to Andor’s experts using the latest innovative techniques  (TeamViewer & Live Assist) will ensure you are getting the most out of your Andor equipment.

Our Customers that are under the BC43 Maintenance Support Package will be entitled to the latest software updates and patching for the duration of the agreement.

The terms of a maintenance package do not replace the warranties and liability terms as set out in Andor’s Terms and Conditions of Sale document which is available here.

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Package Comparison

Platinum and Silver Maintenance package customers have access to dedicated service modules and spares, stocked regionally, ensuring a rapid response in the unlikely event of an issue.

Platinum and Silver Maintenance packages also include annual preventative maintenance checks and software updates to ensure access to the latest functionality.

Combined, this enables the user to achieve fixed running costs and avoid any mid-year surprises.

Self-sufficiency Service Agreements - Maximum Uptime
Pay As You Go Silver Maintenance (25% Discount on Parts) Platinum Maintenance (All Parts & Labour)
Duration - 1 to 5 Years 1 to 5 Years
Remote Assistance, including LiveAssist Pay per hour Yes Yes
Priority Help Desk - Yes Yes
Help Desk Opening Hours Normal Office Hours
Help Desk max. response time - 1 Day* 1 Day*
Preventative Maintenance Pay as required Yes (May be performed remotely) Yes (May be performed remotely)
Parts (excludes consumables) Pay as required 25% Discount Yes
Software Updates (excludes Imaris) Pay per update Yes Yes
Availability of self change module / onsite response time Standard lead-time 5 Days** 3 Days**
* Monday to Friday
** Excludes customs clearance
-= Not available
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Please note that ONLY the platinum maintenance package is available to those customers who have purchased their system through a distributor.

Distributor Service Plan

We have partnered with our distributors to ensure that all of our customers have access to our Oxford Instruments helpdesk to ensure rapid professional support.

Your first point of contact when you need help will be our Oxford instruments helpdesk teams which are based regionally. Most issues can be solved remotely, and most effectively when your microscope is connected to allow remote teamviewer sessions to quickly find an answer to your question. If the issue cannot be resolved remotely, the Oxford instrument engineer will pass on their findings and recommendations in a service ticket to your local distributor. The local distributor who will move into place to carry out any onsite investigation required.

Customers who have purchased a BC43 system through a distributor can avail of Andor's platinum maintenance package which provides seamless coverage including software updates. as well as all parts and labour costs.

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Customer Support

Andor products are regularly used in critical applications and we can provide a variety of customer support services to maximise the return on your investment and ensure that your product continues to operate at its optimum performance.

Andor has customer support teams located across North America, Asia and Europe, allowing us to provide local technical assistance and advice. Requests for support can be made at any time by contacting our technical support team at