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Rev Up Your Revolution...

A new lease on life for high performance, legacy spinning disk confocal instruments. Windows 10 compatible workstations and validated hardware, software and service solutions.

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Feature Enhancements

Andor Revolution Systems were in production 2005-2016, until we launched Dragonfly. Many Revolution systems, although in good working order and delivering high-quality data, are still running Windows 7, leaving them vulnerable to malware as Microsoft has terminated support. Moreover, these systems would benefit from maintenance or replacement of key components such as lasers and cameras, workstations and software.

We have therefore developed a set of product upgrades and service plans to update and revitalize Revolution instruments, extending their productive lives and protecting the investments made by our customers. For details of these offerings please see the product support trees

3rd Generation BI sCMOS with Zyla 4.2 & Sona Cameras

  • QE 80-95% delivers exceptional sensitivity
  • Noise floor ~1 electron rms, for optimum signal-to-noise
  • Selectable readout rates for speed and quality
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iXon - EMCCD Technology you can Count on

  • Electron multiplying CCD: pioneered by Andor, leads the way for low light imaging
  • Back illuminated with 95% peak QE makes every photon count;
  • On-chip multiplication overcomes readout noise to deliver single photon sensitivity
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Fusion with CSUX & TuCam or CSUW for Dual Camera Imaging

  • Support a 2nd camera for greater flexibility, speed and resolution
  • Enable dual camera simultaneous imaging for live cell studies in 2.5D and 3D
  • GPU-accelerated deconvolution delivers enhanced resolution instantly on your workstation!
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Laser Engines – Stability Where it Matters

  • Latest generation: low-noise, long life, ultra-stable
  • Direct modulation: efficient and responsive, minimal phototoxicity
  • 2 to 8 laser lines, up to 3 ports with millisecond switching
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Imaris – Multidimensional Visualisation and Analysis 

  • Offline tools for powerful visualization and presentation of your images
  • Quantitative analysis of large complex images
  • Filament tracing, cell tracking, colocalization analysis and much more
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Windows 10 Workstations

  • Andor iQ 3.6.5 delivers Windows 10 compatibility, flexible protocols and photo-stimulation support in a validated platform;
  • Andor Fusion delivers high performance imaging and GPU-accelerated processing in a 64-bit high end workstation;
  • Note Andor will provide an EXACT hardware specification for customers who prefer to supply their own computer;
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Product Installation, Support and Service Contracts

  • To ease the transition to a new Windows 10 workstation and support legacy and upgrade products Andor offers installation on-site services
  • For ongoing peace of mind and security in your investment we can provide Service Contracts
  • Silver and Platinum contracts provide responsive remote support packages, full or partial value replacement parts, annual preventive maintenance visits.
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iQ and Windows 10

Andor Revolution systems ran under Andor-iQ software. We have continued to maintain iQ and now offer Version 3.6.5, a Windows 10-validated version with workstation and product support Tree shown above. Products not shown are not supported, but many can be upgraded. Please contact your local sales team to find out more. We offer upgrade packages and installation services to take the pain out of the transition to Windows 10 and get you up and running quickly.

Fusion and Windows 10

In response to customer demand, we now support a number of legacy components with Fusion providing improved user experience, powerful 3D rendering and real-time deconvolution. Windows 10 workstations, product upgrades and installation services are available to ease your transition. Get more from your Revolution system with compatible, up-to-date hardware and software.