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Andor Scientific CMOS Cameras

Andor’s Scientific CMOS camera portfolio for Life and Physical Science research delivers advanced performance features that render them ideal for high fidelity, quantitative scientific measurements. Providing a range of application advantages Andor’s multi-megapixel sCMOS cameras offer large field of view and high resolution, without compromising on read noise, dynamic range or frame rates.

sCMOS Camera Features include:

sCMOS for Life Science

Applications include Cell Mobility, Developmental Biology, Plasma Membrane, Intracellular Tracking, Organoids, Gene Editing and Neurophysiology
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sCMOS for Physical Science

Applications include Solar Astronomy, Space Debris, Adaptive Optics, Fluid Dynamics, X-Ray Imaging, Neutron Tomography, Cold Atoms & Bose Einstein Condensation and Quantum Optics
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