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C-Mount Relay Devices

Adjustable field mask aperture enabling ultra-fast imaging with iXon EMCCD

Optomask is a C-mount to C-mount relay device with precise aperture control which inserts easily between the microscope output and the camera. Optomask is used in combination with the Crop Mode software feature on iXon EMCCD cameras, resulting in significant increases in Region of Interest (ROI) frame rates. In order to enable Crop Mode it is necessary to accurately optically mask the area of the sensor outside the ROI.

Using the OptoMask, a sub-array can be readily defined through positioning of the masking blades, and a cropped area subsequently matched to this in software.

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Optically Centred Crop Mode with Optomask

The Andor iXon Ultra comes with ‘Optically Centred Crop Mode’, which gives the user the option to break away from the corner tethered requirement of standard Crop Mode and select a number of pre-defined ROIs that are located in the centre of the image field. Optically centring of the ROI makes this mode extremely appealing to a number of microscopy techniques, including ‘pointillism’ live cell super-resolution microscopy.

Key Benefits

  • > 95 % transmission efficiency
  • Spectral range - 450 to 900 nm
  • Compact size (see dimensions for specific measurements)
  • Flexible optical masking of sensor
  • 4 x adjustable blades
  • Fits easily onto microscope C-mount
  • Designed for Crop Mode
  • Instant changeover from cropped to full sensor mode
  • Range of magnification and demagnification
  • Ultra-fast frame rates

Frame rates available in Crop Mode (‘Optically Centred’ ROI speeds shown in brackets)

iXon Ultra/Life 897

Array Size
Binning 256x256 128x128 64x64 32x32
1x1 111 (174) 595 (569) 1433 (1492) 3532 (3024)
2x2 215 (329) 1085 (1014) 2433 (2329) 5325 (4054)
4x4 402 (594) 1802 (1662) 3577 (3237) 6579 (5252)

iXon Ultra/Life 888

Array Size
Binning 512x512 256x256 128x128 64x64
1x1 93 (78) 190 (251) 670 (897) 2053 (1319)
2x2 170 (143) 350 (426) 1150 (1019) 3123 (1646)
4x4 291 (245) 601 (653) 1772 (1504) 4109 (1857)

Frame Rate Performance Comparison

Above: Significant increases in frame rates may be achieved in Corner Tethered Mode and Optically Centred Crop Mode. Shown at selected ROIs for iXon Ultra 897 (left) and iXon Ultra 888 (right).

Key Applications